I dunno if I should take all the credit, but it seems my plan to annoy John back onto Twitter worked

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After buying this fancy Moisturizing body was I have realized that body washes aren't supposed to strip all the oil from your skin and cause it to crack from dryness. Why do they even make these solvent body washes.

Gosh why is everyone so mad on Twitter today, gonna try to inject some positivity

Can’t stop posting, won’t stop posting, till the curtain falls…. 🎶

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My favorite taqueria just fucking piles the meat on the taco, you literally have to dig out the tortilla edges

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Hi, I'm requesting
some assistance with my draft
that has been declined

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Looked up what borzoi pups look like and was not disappointed

Watching the final season of better call Saul and


Craving fries, but it is taco Tuesday. Why does God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers…

“Thanks Dev, Working with you on this paper has really made me consider grad school” oh god oh fuck

The devil works hard but time works harder

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Caya was a happy cat this afternoon as I was working on the couch. #cats

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