You'd think of all pokemon, the tick pokemon would be the easiest to catch but no

Cursed event subtoot 

Begging Americans to respond to bad global events without trying to relate it to party politics

Stray must be really good if nobody took the bait

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First Green Zebra of the season. A little more excited for the next two Cherokee Purple tomatoes that should be ripe tomorrow.

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Yes indeed, most coffee is great with cream and sugar

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I refuse to put on silly special clothes and wrap my bag in a silly special larger bag and hold a silly special stick above my head just because the sky decided to be silly and drop water on me

Thinking about a buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese

Oh yeah you’re a PL grad? Prove it

Just let someone borrow my phone at the bus station to call their mom to pick them up. Opsec is going to yell at me for this.

Dev stop getting distracted today challenge (impossible)

feeling especially like an anxious ball of yearning this tuesday

Fun fact, the light lit in the opening scene of Gaslight (1944) was oil based.

Gosh I’m gonna miss better call Saul

Really testing the limits of sustainability of this sustainability caught shrimp

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Love dining halls because I can have an all scrimp diet and pretend I’m a whale

at least systems conferences have cool names

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