Terrified to tweet because people apparently share my tweets with Peter? And other folks I work with? Y'all aren't doing that but stop doing that.

Will toot it instead,

"Working on a systems project with database folks is so confuzzling, every other day I have to clarify, "oh this checkpointing is not what you interpret it as", "oh not that kind of transaction", "no, replicating on a smartphone is wasteful, you let it fail and hope they backup""


my funny tweets aren't a call to action!!

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It was probably out of genuine concern, I had said something like "don't wanna piss of peter 🤪​" so I can't even be mad. But it was a joke. And I had an awkward hallway conversation with Peter telling me he would never be pissed off at me, and if he was, he wouldn't let it cloud his judgement.

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