@ionchy be very careful if you're on a F1 visa, it is still illegal federally, which applies to you

@GeoffWozniak animals are so weird, my fluffy pom would sit for hours in the midday Indian summer sun unbothered

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City subreddits are typically a toxic mix of local politics and cool food/city pictures, but my hometown subreddit is just full of kittens to adopt posts and I'm not even mad

@wilbowma good enough for the gulls, good enough for me

@wilbowma lol. I think it is just fun to make fun of it. There's lots of delicious Bri*ish food

I had a 6pm coffee and yet a 7-8pm nap 🦸🏾‍♂️

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Religion has been
an important influence
on garden design

You say it is the first day of school, yet I am 5 years behind,,, curious

@ionchy If you go to the night market, get food there, treat your self,

re: Food 

@ionchy stewing is the worst way to accentuate okra texture, but it does make a nice comfort meal

re: Food 

@ionchy yeah hot sauces work too

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