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You made your bed, now you are going to have to lie in it. I hope you have a nice nap and some peaceful dreams. I hope you get refreshed and have a good peaceful sleep and wake up fresh.

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You know what sucks? Research. You know what I love? Research. You know what I wanna do? Research. You know what I don't wanna do? Research.

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Building a Java project using mvn, how do y'all Java developers live like this

Love how ucsc makes up nutrition labels to whatever they want. Two hummus sandwiches? 100 cal, bro the 4 bread slices are more than 100 cal

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@yoo why isn't your thesis titled "developer? I hardly…"

lmao didn't know this was an actual git error message


My undergrad: we'll literally murder you and your parents will cheer with us if we're find that you've had as much as a beer


wait how long am I allowed to be a phd student again

Can’t stop reading the name of this Pokémon as scoliosis


Out of context “the worst person in the world”

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