nice. same-sex marriage is on track to be codified in US, not just leaning on case law

here's a graph illustrating that although adding many WartRemovers do slow down the build, generating SemanticDB is far slower, so Scalafix SemanticRule should be avoided if possible

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when you enable SemanticDB on #Scala 2, depending on the code the build slows down by double-digit %

is this an inherent limitation on the Scala 2 compiler where actual phases are held up, as opposed to SemanticDB running in the background in parallel?

trying to understand the feature intersection between 3's extension method + inline / macros

my naïve expectation was that if I put `inline` modifier like:
extension [A1](in: Init[A1])
inline def value: A1 = InputWrapper.wrapInit[A1](in)

x.value will be inlined, but Scala 3 let-binds `in` into a proxy. is this because they might be side effects? I can apparently modify the parameter as `(inline in: Init[A1])` to avoid the let-binding /ht Nicolas Stucki. skimming 'Semantics-preserving inlining for metaprogramming' was helpful.

I am buying myself a toaster, for my own wellness
RT @siracusa
My expensive toaster oven, the Breville 650XL, is 34% off at Amazon today:

Announcement: here is something I worked on for a while - a language extending Datalog. It also does something that resembles type-checking.

Okay -- time to try and restart the #NEScala conference!

tl;dr -- NEScala was a good conference that's lain fallow since the beginning of the pandemic. It needs staff if we're going to bring it back.

Call to Action with details at

Boosts within the #Scala community welcomed!

Stuff like global Twitter search is a *monumental* task and achievement. Do you realize just how complicated it is to have a single, global, searchable, continuously updated index of every tweet ever, that reacts in real time to thinks like deletions?

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.js 1.12.0 is out! Support for the ** JS operator, checked errors for ArrayStoreExceptions and NegativeArraySizeExceptions, and bug fixes. Enjoy!

shoutout to rust team for having a more interesting blog than any other lang

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Folks who've known me also know that I also talk about food, music, memes, culture etc half the time

As a bonus point to this extremely awkward introduction, I've compiled together list of all talks I've given, and a select list of my writings at

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Hi, I am Eugene, a programmer working around , , and tooling like and , most recently I was at Twitter's Build team

I enjoy exploring complex landscape, and tweaking them to make things better for other programmers

Understanding #Mastodon gets easier once you get the basic idea that federation between servers can be understood as homeomorphisms across hyperplanes between the Riemannian manifolds of toots, whereas the servers represent countable finite sets of discrete entities.

Meanwhile, over in Cats Effect, we're starting to implement a series of changes to the underlying runtime that we've been planning and anticipating for over a year. Pull request here:

Performance charts in thread (if I can figure out how to do that on masto)

I'm still figuring this out, the settings that look useful are Preferences > Other > default posting privacy to "Unlisted," which opts-out from posting to everyone's "Local timeline"

also "Always expand toots marked with content warnings" (CW ~ off-topic to the server)

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I am confirming that my Mastodon account is @eed3si9n (

I've set up party bridge, so in theory the tweets/toots should cross post to both for now

A Mastodon instance for programming language theorists and mathematicians. Or just anyone who wants to hang out.