Swiss cheese in Switzerland (cave-aged Gruyere) is so tasty, completely different from the stuff I'd get in the US as "Swiss cheese"

muesli and baguette are also excellent. not the fanciest looking but the local stuff is so much better than the overcooked eggs.

Two blog posts today!

First one is about breaking structured logging into "structured input" and "structured output":

Second one is "what's quickest possible way to get you to play with this cool logging thing":

wrote down my 'sbt 2.0 ideas'

let me know what you think on (I won't see your reply here if my server doesn't federate with yours)

This is the best explainer on #SVB that I’ve read so far:
It does leave out a fundamental bit of info, which maybe everyone knows, but it’s that financial regulations require banks to own a certain amount of assets depending on how much customers have in their deposit accounts, so if the value of those assets declines in a surprising way, the bank could find itself undercapitalized even if it hasn’t done anything or sold any of those assets.


made vegan mapo with homemade chili oil. I really now prefer silken tofu for mapo but there were only 2 packs of firm tofu in the fridge

new #Scala 3 pre-SIP by Nicolas Stucki attempts to reconcile `inline` with binary compatibility concerns

These days I'm working on a VSCode plugin that provides a better browsing history.
This extension should work with any programming language if the VSCode extension supports DocumentSymbolProvider.

installing Junegunn Choi's fzf on shell makes me feel like a civilized human again being able to fuzzy search the shell history

soo Darren pointed out that I've made a typo in the release note, and it should be scalaxb 1.11.0, not 0.11.0 🤦

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My team at Sourcegraph is hiring. All-remote, all-global, static analysis, compilers and build tools. Happy to answer questions via DM or email :)

What I love about this story is:
- the immediate & categorical response: 2 tail strikes within 6mins = shutdown all Alaska Air flights
- no bureaucratic process: One individual made the decision
- “That looks about right” gut check of automated data
- software sucks but it sucks worse when lives are at stake
- this sort of incident response is a credit to the aviation field and should be a model for all

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