Forgot how annoying it is that 404 can mean both "wrong endpoint bud" and "right endpoint, but nothing here". I switched to RPC for this very reason on a different project lol

I just recognized the need for and correctly used the ExistentialQuant extension 🎉

What they don't tell you about programming is that you'll be looking up synonyms and antonyms _constantly_

I self-host a few apps that I want to access off-LAN but I don't want to open up http WAN access. I've come up a system that I think is pretty elegant:

- Have a publicly accessible SSH endpoint
- Set up Tasker tasks to start SSH port forwarding in Termux when I leave the LAN
- Run nginx in Termux to reverse proxy and load balance between the LAN and forwarded ports
- Point Android apps at the reverse proxy

I'm using this with Navidrome and it doesn't skip a beat when playing music.

`ip` really be printing out the whole BNF as the "help"

There's a sticky note on the inside cover that just says "Laziness is bad sometimes?"

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A book titled "Haskell: The Bad Parts" but when you pick it up the cover peels off to reveal the actual title "Getting Started with Cabal/Stack/Nix"

Just looked at Elden Ring's time to beat and yall I am way past that and I know I for sure have at least 2/3 areas left.

Ya Buddy is in Azula at 140hrs

I made some cables and it was fun and hard and I'm proud about it and can now clean up the rats nest around my mixer.

The 6.35mm TRS to RCA is cool, the right RCA is daisy chained out of the left one. Really clean way to split a 2 conductor cable.

New dumb sticker idea: "Ask Me About the Opus Audio Codec"

Soldering some audio cables and bless whoever made sure that the Red wire goes to the Ring connector which delivers the Right channel

The issue was that the cable connecting the LCD to the MB was frayed and the panel would only work in certain positions and flicker out otherwise. Now whenever it flickers I have a moment of panic (but it turns out to just be X being weird).

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Obligatory comment about running linux on an old machine and it working better than my brand new work laptop running Windows. I rarely use more than 2.5GiB RAM

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I repaired my somewhat old (~8yrs) Dell laptop which required complete disassembly and it was overall a pleasure to work with. Given the state of small electronics repairs I expected worse, but I think Dell and probably business laptops are generally fairly user-maintainable.

The backdrop/bubble-letter-outline-thing took me a while to get right.

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Was thinking about doing this one next. I'm getting pretty good with inkscape

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I've wanted to do this in some capacity forever (swap work computer with game console) but could never find a cheap mixer.

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Small thing that is making my day, I bought a cheap little 4-stereo mixer to bus my work laptop, bluetooth, and turntable together and adjust them individually. It works great, I don't have to switch inputs constantly and can put on background music or white noise during meetings :star_struck:

I've never seen Hiperasia by El Guincho mentioned as an early (foundational?) entry in hyperpop canon but in retrospect, it clearly is.

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