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proper introduction 

I do things with words. And the things that lie behind words.

I'm a professor, working mainly on Formal and its interfaces. Much of my research also involves Historical Linguistics (/#Philology) to a certain extent. My central tool for analysis is a predicate logic-style system augmented with a typed .

I frequently research languages of (e.g. , , , ) & the (, & the role of languages in the ), as well as a bit of ( ).

I have a certain wary enthusiasm about particular types of technology. and fine more generally. things, including , and (, ), and , as a sort of incarnation of a minor Lisp Machine. I'm -curious, but don't care much for significant whitespace languages. (Software I've written mainly resides (for the moment) at: )

Within linguistics, I work on a fairly wide range of things, from the use of delimited continuations in natural language semantics to the morphology of language to neologisms to myth-preserving formulaic language (slaying of dragons and worms) to algorithmic detection of different focus types and constituents in unannotated plaintext. (you can see more about these things here: )

Recently, I've been exploring the use of devices borrowed from computer science (e.g. delimited continuations, monads) for working out computational issues in natural language semantic formalism.

Interested in social equity and its intersection with my other endeavours. Strongly and .

The Prince Of Minotaurs rewards you with a scroll; it's a bit soggy but you can just about decipher the spell Dominate Bread.

Fedifriends at, I have some funding available and ideally would like to spend it on conferences/workshops around tech, ethics & social sustainability (the more interdisciplinary the better) - any suggestions?

Lemme do another #introduction now that my fediHome is finalised.

Hi. I am also known as @fyrfli@mastodon.coffe.

I am a massive tinkerer and thinkerer ... to a fault. I am re-learning how to build web stuff because the last time I did any of that was back when Geocities was still a thing. (yeah, yeah .. I am dating myself).

I am obsessed with
#CSS #FOSS #Debian #SelfHosting #Photography ... and I am "mom" to an American Eskimo or #Eskie (known as a MittelSpitz in the rest of the world), and a "red" Siberian #Husky. I am also an avid #Gamer currently unable to resist a good #RemnantsFromTheAshes session (and those can last all day if I am not careful). I also play #ARK and #WoW.

I hail from Kingston,
#Jamaica and and am married with no children.

Nereid gloves for #MerMay! I'm so pleased that the mirrored lace pattern turned out okay on the second glove, phew!

I was reminded that I never posted my Cragne Manor source code. So here it is!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Cragne Manor is described here:

The cat just ran through the entire apartment at full speed and tried to jump on my desk. It failed, but she catapulted herself against the drawers underneath the desk with one paw and against my leg with the other. Then she bounced back like a rubber ball and went back the way she came faster than I could say fuck

Neofeud is a #cyberpunk game where a social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings
Get Neofeud 1 (70% off now) & help me finish NF2! (Pictured)
#indie #gamedev #indiedev #scifi #adventuregame

One of the world's greatest musical composers, Vangelis Papathanassiou, known mostly as Vangelis, has died. His electronic compositions, as well as his work with Jon Anderson of the band, "Yes," opened up a whole new musical universe for me. I was enthralled by the otherworldly sounds Vangelis created on his keyboards.

While many people will remember Vangelis primarily for the theme from "Chariots of Fire," and perhaps as the creator of the soundtrack to the movie, "Bladerunner," I want to share this song with you, as it is one of the songs that really blew me away when I was young.

Transistor soundtrack still one of the best video game soundtracks ever, bar none. Not even a massive fan of the game itself—I really liked it but wouldn't consider it my favorite game or anything—but the soundtrack is just so amazing.


This track from "The City" has long been a favorite of mine:

Of course, I recommend listening to the whole album.

Nigerian High School Anime 

Have you ever wondered how would #anime set in a realistic #Nigeria n high school look like?

Manny Edeko, a Nigerian in Texas is creating concept art for such a series. You can follow him on the #birdsite :

If I'm ever organizing a panel on representation of Global South in art, I'm inviting him as well as :)

#art below copyright by Manny Edeko

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