I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that the easiest way to check if an application is running on XWayland is to run xeyes and see if the eyes track into the window

"I am a graduate student in religious studies and philosophy. I eventually want to read for a PHD in Classics but I am legally blind with a hearing impairment as well. I am concerned that I will face ableism in the application process and as a student and colleague as well. My passion is to become a professor but I know it will be at a risk. Should I take it anyway?"


Posting in case any of you have good advice for this person. I can reply there on your behalf if you want.

Do you know some nice #retro/#oldschool #KDE theme for (new) plasma, preferably looking like KDE 2

@emacsomancer @Cyborgneticz fun fact: it's cognate with boutique and apothecary via ἀποθήκη "warehouse/repository"

Just out of curiosity. Can anyone recommend any tech video channels made by more diverse sets of people? With focus on e.g. Linux, *BSD, hardware, privacy-focused FLOSS phones/tablets? Also I'm interested in social aspects of computation & networking.

I'm sick of watching tech videos made by tech bros.

Protesilaos Stavrou on ' dired file manager: irreal.org/blog/?p=9848

Just realised I don't really know how to pronounce "dired". Internally I think of it as being pronounced as "die red".

@ThisWeekinLinux @MichaelTunnell

re: cudatext & opensource text editors, FYI Emacs also has various extensions that replicate Sublime functionality, e.g. minimap ( github.com/dengste/minimap )

backup solutions 

Following on the old "1 backup is 0 backups", and "2 backups is 1 backup" and the desirability of offsite backups, I finally got a BorgBackup offsite solution in place (I have an old free grandfather Spideroak account for offsite backups, but I don't find Spideroak entirely ideal).

I've used borg for local backups here and there (for most local things I've just used zfs send/receive), but some months ago I came across borgbase.com which is specialised for borg backups, and they even make their own borgbackup frontend (Vorta - vorta.borgbase.com/ ).

I finally got a remote repo in place today, and both the Vorta GUI and the borgbase service seem pretty nice. I'm just using the 10Gb forever free trial right now (they have a $2/month 100Gb plan which seems not unreasonable in price).

Tech Won't Save Us podcast episode - solo episode with Paris Marx on the billionaire space race and what’s actually driving it.

In this clip, Paris explains the real future billionaires are working toward — and it’s not fleeing to space.


Update to Windows Defender will delete files Microsoft doesn't want to exist - redd.it/oopz4c

Ok, trying out some $\LaTeX$ :

\(Y = \lambda{f}. (\lambda{x}. f(x x)) (\lambda{x}. f(x x))\)

PSA: you may know me from @emacsomancer@fsmi.social

(since I have little public history here at the present time+date)

(cons 'hello (cons 'world '()))

Trying out types.pl ( thanks @hazel !). I've been contemplating a move from my old account for some time.


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