@ljwrites It sounds like an Agatha Christie title.

Poirot and the Queer Tea Layout Murders.



"I say, Poirot, here's a queer thing! Look at how the bodies are laid out around the table. As if they were having a tea party. And in fact there is tea in the tea cups, but the tea pot is empty. Bone dry in fact, and no evidence that it's been used."

"Ah, 'Astings, always you miss the obvious solution. The murderer has carried away the real tea pot with him, and left this one in its place. Note how its pattern is subtly different from the one on the tea cups."

@hafnia @emacsomancer @ljwrites “ah, ‘Astings. It is unfortunate, I do not blame you. But if you ‘ad seen what I ‘ave, you would spot ze killer’s error immédiatement. You see, ‘e ‘as put ze colours of ze trans flague in ze *wrong order*! Zis teapot, she is a fake.”

@hafnia @emacsomancer @ljwrites “and indeed, it is clear, ze killer sat ‘imself ‘ere. For ‘o would seat ze bear next to ze butch lesbienne, when ze twink, ‘e is right over zere? No, ‘astings, it is not done. Zis ‘ole table is a set-up!”

@ljwrites @s0 @hafnia

"And, MIss Lemon, that ze case is concluded, let us withdraw for ze refreshment. Not the China tea, I think, under ze circumstances, but perhaps ze nice tisane."

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