"Why do academic titles go out of their way to insist we’re not professors?

- Adjunct Professor - aftermarket add-on
- Assistant Professor - definitely just helping out the real profs
- Associate Professor - you associate with professors but you’re not *really* one of them
- Full Professor is actually a Professor but only after a large meal"


@emacsomancer i profess all kinds of stuff all the time with no title whatsoever checkmate universities

@juliana Also, I'm afraid I'm going to have to issue you a citation for professing without a licence.

@emacsomancer I was 'visiting professor' for a while iirc. Sigh. Academia.

@emacsomancer In Latin America everyone who teaches is a professor. 🤷

@jaranta @emacsomancer While in the UK only the most senior 3-4 people in a department are any kind of professor at all, but we have a lot of Lecturers and Readers and Fellows in plain and senior flavours.

@petrichor @emacsomancer Yeah, we used to be like that, but have been quickly Americanising our universities (in all kinds of ways).

@jaranta @emacsomancer Yeah it's getting more common to see an American style job title in brackets here because it's thought to attract more international candidates, but that's a bit weird because tenure doesn't exist here any more anyway so the jobs don't quite compare.

@petrichor I think it's just to show the equivalent in terms of the ranks themselves. Even in the American system, while promotion to associate almost always comes with being granted tenure, technically they're still two separate things.

(And here for non-tenure line jobs, there are title like "Assistant Professor (lecturer)", "Associate Professor (lecturer)", "Professor (lecturer)", which actually end up with very different benefits despite the suggested equivalences.)


@emacsomancer hilariously (read: sadly), one of the best instructors I've ever had was an "associate" professor, beating out *many* terrible 'legit' professors

@muterainbow Quite of number of professors are associate professors (because you generally can't stay assistant professor for too long; either you're promoted or let go; while associates usually have tenure)

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