Given the Gates Foundation role in limiting vaccine access and promoting the mutation of new variants, once we run out of Greek letters, I propose new covid variants be named after Windows versions.

Covid XP, Covid Vista, Covid 11, Covid for Workgroups.

Some background:

- "Bill Gates Will Kill Us All" -
- "AstraZeneca will now start charging for its covid-19 vaccine, abandoning the non-profit model it adopted at the start of the pandemic. The jab was 97% publicly funded" -
- "the power that Bill Gates’ gains through philanthropy over national public health policies" -

"Don't worry, in Covid Vista we'll build in more symp--er features."


We should call it covid-wappies-<month>-<year> if a new variant breaks out
"First Hit's Free" is late-stage capitalism's hammer to everything that looks like a nail these days.

I have to wonder if some of the absurd conspiracy theories about Gates were put out intentionally to muddy the waters and make it hard to talk about the shady monopoly-mongering he's really getting up to?


@strypey I've thought exactly the same thing. Makes web searches hard too. If you search for "Gates" and "vaccine" you're mainly going to see weird conspiracy theories about 5G or whatever other nonsense or articles debunking those theories.

@emacsomancer Covid ME (millennial edition -- makes young people even more tired than capitalism already does)

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