Guardian article "Greens propose shutting down all Victorian coal-fired power plants by 2030" became much less exciting once I realised it was about Australia.

@Stoori Yeah, and surely a good thing too. But just not as exciting of a story after that shift.

@emacsomancer wouldn't surprise if this year with energy shortages would prompt demands to reopen Victorian era coal plants...

@emacsomancer @Stoori

The Grauniad has been notorious for mixing up UK and Australian news for a good 20 years or so (possibly for as long as they've been online), you have to sometimes read carefully to check which country they are referring to..

Most Victorian (or early 20th century) power stations in UK closed in the 1960s/70s, replaced by gas turbines and nuclear in locations further away from the cities they served..

@vfrmedia One has to wonder if they do it on purpose. Even if we're trying to save space, I don't think "in Victoria" takes up very much more space than "Victorian".


@emacsomancer @Stoori

I think they do it as the article still gets engagement and UK/AU are culturally similar enough (consider how popular Neighbours was in UK)

@emacsomancer The coal power plants in Victoria are very dirty, terrible brown coal down here.

@emacsomancer Coal power plants are currently closing faster and earlier than government plans. So government needs to accelerate it's plans (to even 2030) if it wants to be able to claim it's taking action at all :(

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