the unpleasant realization that you need to become a person who wears a lanyard

(I haven't been locked out of my office. yet)

CO2 monitoring 

large course: 650→800 ppm CO2 Tuesday, 1250→1100 ppm CO2 Wednesday 🙃​

Got it moved to a different room where, through repeated efforts, the windows can be opened

re: Brazil news 

well, it was live earlier, now mostly not so much—the sun is setting now so anything in full daylight is old

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Brazil news 

CNN livestream, which recently showed Bolsonaro supporters being arrested and loaded into buses

re: extreme inside joke 

seriously though: most publishers these days will change your name on your papers, it may take months-verging-on-years and be done incompetently

but the number of new papers deadnaming me has dropped sharply since all of mine got updated

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extreme inside joke 

so, I hear that ACM wants to figure out some actual rules for its Mastodon instance

I'm surprised it's not shutting the instance down for a month, accidentally merging it with the Academy of Country Music, and restoring the instance with the existing alleged rules


tfw you go out to shovel snow and you get ice crystals on your trans pride socks

our cat is complaining because there is snow on the screens. "how dare you. how inexplicable and new"

he also complains when it gets cold outside. "why did you make it cold outside. v. rude"

tbf we do control the temperature inside, so it's a reasonable inference

as a token of appreciation for our admins, please accept this instalment of the cat tax

mental health 

sure, reliance on employer-based private insurance for mental health services has numerous problems including a yearly maximum, but it may also cause me to finally book some therapy sessions so I don't "waste" the coverage, so, it;s impossible to say if it's bad or not

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