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I wonder if anyone has tried to change their last name to "Redacted"

people would get so confused

note to self: schedule more office hours, because they usually improve my mood

I have probably either a cold or COVID, who knows which, anyway I'm not going to lecture in person tomorrow (today)

so I figured, in case I get worse and can't do a lecture live, I'll post the winter term lecture

sooooo I have to check it's about what I think it is

and that's how I just learned that I can not only tolerate my recorded voice (which was shocking enough), I *like* my recorded voice?


the province of Ontario thinks I'm female now though, so, who's to say whether it's good or bad,

being trans, and feeling bad 

adding "don't feel like Satan, but I am to them" to the list of lyrics that are extremely reinterpretable when you are a trans person at this moment

brought to you by the trans panic and the dad-rock station my physiotherapist plays

tech industry bullshit that I stepped in 

I'm sorry, what?

for future reference, I had to do this: /usr/local/Cellar/python\@3.10/3.10.4/bin/pip3 install dulwich

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this may take a while, it's copying over my 56 GB home directory at the same time

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hg-git needs dulwich, installing dulwich requires pip, pip is in brew python?

and lo, brew python sallied forth…

started moving stuff from my 2013 MacBook Air to a refurbished 2015 MacBook Air, and I just found out that the main Mercurial developer is trans

that may just give me the energy to figure out how to install hg-git. I know I did years ago on 10.10, but, well,

medical, alcohol 

my liver enzymes are no longer high. so fucking relieved

("jana, was that from drinking too much in the early 2010s" not afaict)

if the moon is up where you are: eclipse is underway, totality begins around 23:29 Eastern

"Queen's computing has a lot of truly terrible professors but Jana Dunfield is a welcome exception"


well, thank you,

health care bureaucracy 

[X] mail a letter 8 days after printing it
[X] mail a second letter, identical except for mentioning that the previous appointment was cancelled
[X] include two parking passes that you forgot to fill out (it's okay because I never use them anyway)
[X] deadname me on both letters

no one:
absolutely no one:

Queen's ITS:
Why yes, the last week of April, right around when grades are due, would be a most excellent time to change the VPN that you have to use to submit your grades

trans, pandemic, identity 

Out for a walk yesterday, I somehow managed to have research thoughts. I don't know if I'm finally climbing out of pandemic funk, or if it's something else.

Before transition, I had an inner voice who both narrated and who I could argue with. The voice courteously switched name and pronouns, then faded. Did I think better with the voice? Do I have to learn to think without the voice?

("trans, pandemic, identity" are the 3 genders now. "but it's confusing for 'identity' to be a gender identity"? look, I don't make the rules)

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