Wordle 223 3/6


so. that last letter. on guess #2. i used the same one as in #1 because I'm a god damn moron. that would've been my first 2 guess. absolutely threw.

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I have SSTV'd @charlotte 's formerly high res bunny
pro tip: with sstv, audacity becomes an image editor

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a tiling window manager for circular screens and circular windows that uses apollonian gaskets

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there's a callout meeting for a blockchain club at my university and I haven't used any of my printing quota this year. give me stuff to print and post up in the room 30 minutes before their meeting.

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im just thinking about how little clue i have how the fuck windows operating systems at like any level lmao. how the fuck do processes work in windows. how do files even work? what the fuck is the registry really? how does gui work??? is there even a window manager program or is that in the kernel? do i even want to think about drivers

bill and ted's excellent adventure (1989) ripped off the plot of barbie and the rockers: out of this world (1987)

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so called "lightning cables" when you put a high voltage load through them....

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i derive an unhealthy amount of joy from using spectrum analyzers

reading comments on the EU google analytics thing and a bunch of people are like
"yeah I ran a site that like 12 people used but because I can't use google analytics for the eu I might shut it down"
"i was thinking about hosting a blog but if I have to worry about using GA i might not"
just. don't use google analytics? what the fuck do you need it for so badly?

_tonight_ is the night I will get my sleep schedule back on tr-
_looks at clock_
oh. _tomorrow_ is the night I will get my sleep schedule back on track

the senators of paxos should've just become monks instead


did farewell in 5 deaths today...
gonna get that fucking golden berry

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good morning, the US gov't tried to kill MLK repeatedly if you weren't aware of that already. thanks

"instead of python, you should use modern programming languages, like c or fortran"

playing d&d and it gets to the boss monster's turn. gm rolls dice, hesites, smiles, and starts with, "ok, so first things first..."

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