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wordle spinoff 

Absurdle is adversarial wordle

Absurdle 5/∞


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Science is when you show sine waves on an oscilloscope and the more sine waves there are the more scientific you are

second nosebleed in two days, love winter air

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Remembering Aaron Swartz, who died on this day, a victim of the copyright system

By @glynmoody

Aaron's face gets thrown around the internet to prop up campaigns and etc, but it's important to remember that Aaron was an activist for digital rights, and was bullied into suicide by a system that wanted to punish him for his activism. He was also a human being with friends and family who loved him dearly.

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it is the first day of classes
i am not ready but i will do it

joined the wordle train...

Wordle 205 3/6


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"Reverse Engineering" MultiMC on Windows to get its MSAClientID

(it's not really reverse engineering tbh)
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when you play in a jazz combo but one of the players isn't up to par

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are there, like, good, modern, portable music players? I'm trying to slowly put together a plan of stuff I can get to replace my smartphone

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If you make a piece of software, and people are required to use that piece of software in order to, say, pay for their housing or groceries or pay back a loan, you are on the hook to make sure that software works for _every single person_ who needs to use it.

All of them.

Every screen reader user. Every person with muscle issues who can't use a mouse. Everyone who doesn't speak English. Everyone with three first names, or no last name. Everyone who is Irish or Jewish and has a ' in their name. Everyone with slow internet.

EVERY person.

"Oh we don't have the resources to do that!" Great. Then you don't have the resources to make and sell that kind of software. Pack up and go home.

was reminded today of the fact that back in high school when I took the APUSH exam, the synth solo from Africa was on LOOP in my head
that's not the only time I had a synth solo stuck in my head during a major exam in high school either

after a few days of playing simcity 4 nonstop I want to write my own city builder/simulator

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microkernels ready to go "any time now," OS researchers remind industry

me: urban highways and parallel one-way pairs are awful city design
also me: builds a city in simcity 4 literally designed around a grid of parallel one-ways, with a highway bisecting downtown

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