god the amazon fire tv's recovery screen is lazy
not even an option to use adb or something to fix a potential problem, nope
you get this

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is there a way to stream an ios device's screen to a windows pc without some stupid shady app (my device is jailbroken so if it requires a jailbreak just send it anyway)

even then i still want one for nostalgia purposes because i used to use one as a kid

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i've been considering getting an original motorola droid and putting android 4 on it, it'd make for a great vnc client considering the dedicated keyboard

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try out this new ass randomizer! (it randomizes your ass)

i have no idea how but i got vivaldi to show a new tab without actually having a new tab open

why is psi like, the only decent xmpp client i've seen with the ability to set a priority that isn't 0

figured out why touch and go records' music previews they have on their site don't work in modern browsers

it uses fucking activex.

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the only good thing about this laptop is that it has 12gb of ram, it's still a piece of shit in every other aspect

people say rust is good but the only time i've used it is for an arch aur helper that takes way too long to compile

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"What's on your mind?" the fact that i woke up today and i regret it

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Hmm yes my favorite time of the day, 24 o'clock

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