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Did you know that you can buy official heinz ketchup with personalized messages on the bottle?


why am I writing X11 FFI calls from DrRacket I didn't need this but now it's an imperative for me plz send help

I might have followed everyone on this instance??? Not sure, but I tried

I haven't been here on a while sorry who's around helloooooo

It was probably LexisNexis. Or Flash courses.

Do you use a Mac and need plenty of RAM? All new apple chip Macs have a max of 16gb. 😭​

I do not like walled gardens. That's why I've joined another one.

Will I just keep asking rhetorical questions and thus begin a new persona in a new social network?

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What is the etiquette here? What are the expectations?

A Mastodon instance for programming language theorists and mathematicians. Or just anyone who wants to hang out.