Did you know that you can buy official heinz ketchup with personalized messages on the bottle?

Shocked at some news from my home country. Sad that some have so much anger.


oh it's because I have to write that other thing that I'm too tired to write I'm procrastinating

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why am I writing X11 FFI calls from DrRacket I didn't need this but now it's an imperative for me plz send help

I might have followed everyone on this instance??? Not sure, but I tried

I haven't been here on a while sorry who's around helloooooo

re: NbE for Sized Dependent Types 

The reason size irrelevance seems like a hack to me is because I can't intuitively tell when I should be using relevant sizes and when I should be using irrelevant ones
Maybe once I understand it'll no longer seem like a hack

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I made a twitter thread. No idea what kind of magic keyword I put but got some weird robo-likes on it

Do you use a Mac and need plenty of RAM? All new apple chip Macs have a max of 16gb. 😭​

How many toots do I need to become a professional tooter?

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