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still i gotta add The Cubes

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um yes thats literally how its defined. nm no scary new judgment today

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latex, xtt 

wait isnt
$\Psi \mathrel| \Gamma \vdash M : A [\overline{\xi_i \mapsto N_i}]$
just the same as
$\overline{\Psi, \xi_i \mathrel| \Gamma \vdash M = N_i: A}$ :ms_nissthink:

huohughuhg "s has type A and also is equal to these terms under these constraints"

unfortunately i totally forgot wtf cubical composition is again

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[in case people on other instances missed it: u can open :types_dot_pl:​ posts with latex in them in a new tab & have it nice and rendered]

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ok i am gonna post about quox on here instead now so i can actually write like $(x :_\pi A) \times B$

also cos this is literally the place for that stuff

more like wtf types!!! haha gottem

{-# OPTIONS --two-level #-}

agda please

haskell facts:
- To defer the ambiguity check to use sites, enable AllowAmbiguousTypes
- Valid hole fits include: undefined :: forall a. a
- panic: the impossible happened

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latex from another instance test (hello 


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