it's always #TDoV (#TransDayOfVisibility) on Fedi. only full-time dev on Mastodon other than Gargron and lead dev on Glitch? trans woman. lead dev of Akkoma? trans woman. GotoSocial? three-quarters of the core team are trans and/or enby. Calckey lead dev? they/he pronouns. one of the two editors and three of the five authors of the ActivityPub standard? trans and/or enby. dozens of other server, client, and tool Fediverse developers? trans. (including me.) and that's just the code side of things.

cis people: you are on our turf.

“The Senate should pick up the investigation so Canadians can learn how many missed opportunities we had to get the emergency under control.”

Yesterday journalist and author of “The Petroleum Papers“ Geoff Dembicki testified before the Senate’s environment committee. Here’s what he said. (1/7) 🧵

For that matter, a recommendation for the book -- it's quick, concrete and not especially sensationalistic, just lays out the system and its participants and ways it could be even slightly less cruel in its structures.

Google’s ghost workers make less than $15/hr and can’t work more than 29 hrs/wk, as 30 hrs worked would mean health and other benefits.

Happy 25th, Mozilla!

(brazenly stolen from a work slack channel)

*generation alpha voice* old people use emoji-faces (pictures of round faces that appear between words). REALLY old people do faces like this: ;) which are laying on their side, because these people are so old that they have died

In 2019, trains in the US traveled 777 million train-kilometers and experienced 1,338 derailments.

The same year trains in the EU traveled 4.5 billion train-kilometers and experienced 73 derailments.

Japan: 2 billion train-kilometers and 9 derailments.

I’m hiring for a growing Apple software security team. We collaborate hands-on with teams across the OS, working directly on their codebases to improve security. I’m looking for OS engineers with a range of experience and security familiarity. 🧵

Back when Raquel Vélez was my boss at npm, inc., she had a name for when somebody would give you an ill-defined task and then would get upset when you didn't do it "right."

She called it "Bring me a rock." When I asked her what that meant, she would say "Bright me a rock... no, not that one." It was pretty a pretty clear example.

She recognized quickly that I hate, with all of me, "Bring me a rock." It's the least good game.

Anyway, was thinking about that tonight.

Everybody should use that.

Anyone using :github: Actions and VSCode should be curious about this new extension that lets you write, run, monitor and debug Workflows from within VSCode

#VScode #GitHubActions #GitHub #CICD

if you haven't yet seen this graph, take a look. This is hard, incontrovertible evidence that humanity is completely fucked. We aren't going to make it. Solving the crisis isn't a slow off-ramp. This is full-on slamming the brakes and skidding off the road into a ditch and hoping that you can emerge from the wreckage with minimal damage. Oh, and the brakes don't work because we can't engage them directly - only those profiting off the crisis can do that and they don't take our calls

it really is wild how people act like copyright is a natural right, or some ancient thing, when it was invented in the early 18th century as a more publicly palatable version of a late 17th century censorship regime that gave specific printers a protected monopoly on printing approved books, and banned other books from being printed
yes, "protecting authors" is literally a marketing move. giving publishers monopolies is literally all it was designed to do

"mild" COVID outcomes of people I know personally:
❤️ 1 permanent heart damage
🫁 1 lung capacity at ~60%
🤒 2 ppl w/new autoimmune diagnoses
🧠 1 whose dad has severe personality changes & they're looking at likely Alzheimer's
✋ 1 masseuse changing careers due to hand neuropathy
🚽 1 w/ recurring UTIs, diarrhea, and kidney infections
👶 2 families whose kids have chronic fevers, URIs, and stomach bugs
👃 My own daughter still hasn't fully recovered her sense of smell

#covidIsNotAFlu #WearAMask

#latte23, our little workshop about languages & compilers & such for accelerator design, happens tomorrow!! And you can tune in remotely; just register here:

Look at this rad program! Among other illustrious guests, we have Julian Kemmerer’s @pipelinec & @thezoq2 on Spade. Hell yes!

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