I always pick Ordering::Relaxed because I like it when my programs are chill and not stressed

I'm debugging panic handling in an implementation of Rust.

Panicked while panicking.


I've just started moving into my own office, which means finding all the textbooks I've stashed in cupboards and boxes to put on the shelves! 🥰​

Enjoying my first days off in a couple of weeks thanks to a couple of sequential deadline crunches.

The relief is real. I had a nice walk yesterday afternoon around the parks in Canterbury -- even in the inclement weather. I’m gonna do some gardening this weekend 🥰

Beginning to feel overwhelmed by my workload. I have a research only role, so I cannot fathom how people manage to do this job _and_ teach as a lecturer.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about #ChatGPT and academic assessment and why I am not so concerned about it (at the college level). It's not that ChatGPT is bad for education. It's that our education system is built upon a basis wherein we do assessment wrong.

What @hoffman writes in his blog below comes close to how I think of things (thanks for saving me a lot of time writing my thoughts down!)


I wonder how many minutes/hours of my life I've wasted being momentarily confused by LaTeX errors because I forgot to put [fragile] on a beamer frame that contained code listings.

Learning about Multiparty Session Types with some moral support.

So it turns out there’s an interactive process that _ends_ Dec 23 AoE — which is much more humane.

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Minor grumble about the ECOOP Artefact evaluation process this year: having the author response period start on 23rd at midnight AoE really interferes with Christmas.

I’m in! I can finally shitpost about Rust and Javascript! Thanks @hazel


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