New Post: "RISC-V Bytes: Timer Interrupts"

This post goes deep into how timer interrupts are enabled on @risc_v platforms and explores how a single machine mode timer can be used to expose one or more virtual timers to lower privilege levels.

fun fact: you don't actually have to enable interrupts in machine mode to trigger timer interrupts from supervisor mode. As long as `mie.MTIE` is enabled, the fact that interrupts in higher privilege levels are always enabled when executing at a lower privilege level will cause a machine mode timer interrupt when `mtime` exceeds `mtimecmp`.

“And with as we finish dessert, I want everyone to move to the living room, where we will be introducing our new yearly family tradition… The Rotating of the Passwords!”

when you ask a vulnerability researcher to go sledding on Christmas.

Starting a learn section in the `moss` docs, beginning with a short list of terms and their definitions. Feel free to add more!

Got the sequence I was looking for working now:
1. Machine mode timer interrupt (0x8...7) triggered by `mtime` exceeding `mtimecmp`.
2. Raise a supervisor timer interrupt (0x8...5) from the machine mode trap handler.
3. Handle in the supervisor trap handler because supervisor timer interrupts were delegated by setting the 5th bit in `mideleg`.

got the machine timer interrupts (exception code: 7) working in QEMU today.

it is Friday, December 23rd, and I am explaining HSTS to a friend over dinner.

When debugging timer interrupts on RISC-V it can be very helpful to set the memory-mapped `mtime` and `mtimecmp` registers to display on every step. When the latter exceeds the former a timer interrupt will become pending.

Quite honored that my RISC-V Bytes series is included in @WillFlux’s “Recommended FPGA Sites” alongside a bunch of folks I have tremendous respect for. Check out the list for some holiday reading!

Have you discovered any great #FPGA sites this year?

For #FPGAFriday this week, I’m sharing my favourites:

lzop: “If you want the fastest compression and do not care about size, use level 1. If you want both worse compression time and larger size, use level 3.”

reply in comments with rationale for any of the choices as well!

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if you are running a mastodon server, who is your infrastructure provider?

who is going to make a laptop with a welled keyboard and take all of my money?

unclear how I ever used a keyboard that used staggered columns.

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