really hate how pervasive the concept of "stupidity" is in the collective conciousness. call people something else please

surely all the reasonable usage is covered by concepts like "negligence" or "ignorance" or "naïvité" or anything else that has more nuance and less ableism

also the inverse concept, "intelligence", is also not real thank you

although the rumor going around that I can read your DMs is untrue that's literally just not a thing

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this is fine, it's just the instance lifecycle

Twitter does something bad → people go to Mastodon → people realize Mastodon kinda sucks and leave → repeat

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while you are free to join if you wish as I said

I also hold it in knowledge that 85% of you will be gone indefinitely within 2 weeks tbh

but yeah. dear everyone moving to mastodon: you'll be back in like a week

if you're not, welcome to whatever this is

i manually routed cybrespace through The Wired
and guess what
now it works

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and this doesn't seem to be happening for anyone else

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i can use types just fine
i can use librepunk

but cybrespace and only cybrespace is completely nonfunctional

hey @ionchy is cybrespace being slow for you right now
cause it's giving me problems and i can't tell if it's just my internet or if the server is actually being slow

i wish they did 7 year university programs that covered the same material but slower

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