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more account info if you're following or thinking abt following 

these days i've been posting a lot of lewd content. when i post it, there will be a CW on the post that says nsfw or lewd. this stops short of actual images, which are on a different account. however i also boost a lot of lewd posts that may not be tagged (including images). if you don't want to see these, i recommend using the "hide boosts from @​haskal" option on my profile after following

if there's any other types of posting you want CWs on let me know, i will do my best to accommodate

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fyi if you send a follow req consider that you are following a gay nerd who will flood your timeline with constant gay shitposts from itself and its friends

you need to figure out if this is something you actually want
if you're a generic tech dude who loves and and does at then maybe i'm not the right account for u

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extended intro, interacting with me 

imo it's good to interact with cool queer folks on this website so,,,

  • if i approved your follow request that means it's okay to interact on masto, or chat offsite. i want to be friends!

  • i have servers for satisfactory and xonotic; also like to play super tux kart, deep rock galactic, and brawlhalla. i may be open to other types of multiplayer games too. send toot for steam code ~

  • if you're interested in hacking stuff ask about my CTF team :goose_hacker:

  • i have a private account which you can ask for if we get to know each other. there's jitsis and also like more personal posting on there

that is all :dragnwitch:

fucked up that i'm the only girl in my bed right now

nsfw what 

*genie looking into the future* oh wow. damn. that's a lot of girldick

nsfw nude genitals 

@iitalics great dick, champ! Keep it up!

nsfw nude genitals 

ground #hog day or something (probably deleting this later)

Breaking: local boygirl lickz classroom rock samples and has a rlly great time. Video below (with funky music)

nsfw idk 

wanting to get railed and being horny are entirely different things

Cock: not genitals

Clit: oh you bet your sweet bippy that's genitals


gru stole my cock but he could never steal... MY CLIT? awaaa?????

gru stole the moon, but he could never steal... my heart *faints*

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