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more account info if you're following or thinking abt following 

these days i've been posting a lot of lewd content. when i post it, there will be a CW on the post that says nsfw or lewd. this stops short of actual images, which are on a different account. however i also boost a lot of lewd posts that may not be tagged (including images). if you don't want to see these, i recommend using the "hide boosts from @​haskal" option on my profile after following

if there's any other types of posting you want CWs on let me know, i will do my best to accommodate

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fyi if you send a follow req consider that you are following a gay nerd who will flood your timeline with constant gay shitposts from itself and its friends

you need to figure out if this is something you actually want
if you're a generic tech dude who loves and and does at then maybe i'm not the right account for u

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extended intro, interacting with me 

imo it's good to interact with cool queer folks on this website so,,,

  • if i approved your follow request that means it's okay to interact on masto, or chat offsite. i want to be friends!

  • i have servers for satisfactory and xonotic; also like to play super tux kart, deep rock galactic, and brawlhalla. i may be open to other types of multiplayer games too. send toot for steam code ~

  • if you're interested in hacking stuff ask about my CTF team :goose_hacker:

  • i have a private account which you can ask for if we get to know each other. there's jitsis and also like more personal posting on there

that is all :dragnwitch:


do you think an ida girl and a ghidra girl could ever fall in love

its asynchronous and online. students are expected to learn from sparse slides that were obviously designed to be presented on, not read, in addition to the textbook. this cost me $7,000, not including the price of the textbook itself, which, let me remind you, is what will actually be teaching me.

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academia is not an institution for teaching. it is an institution for gatekeeping access to high wage jobs, and a business which exploits this license to gatekeep to extort students.

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if learning were all i wanted, i could just purchase the textboox for this class, and learn just as much as i would through academia.

the reason i'm paying $7,000 for this class is for the rubber stamp my university will give me at the end.

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to be clear, i love learning. i love the topic of this class, and i really do want to learn more about it.

im not upset because i don't think i should have to take this class. im upset because academia has perverted learning in order to exploit learners and gatekeep access to well-paying jobs.

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fuck space. fuck space colonies. fuck "going to the stars". fuck linear narratives about human progression that assume humans will go to space (and linear narratives about human progression in general). fuck space hotels. fuck leaving literal shit on other planets. fuck human space flight. fuck NASA. and fuck SpaceX.

every leftist who starts espousing malthusian or colonialist talking points whenever space comes up is going to be locked in a room with me for eight hours while i read aloud every single anti-space leftist text i can find.

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- earth is not going to become overpopulated. this is a malthusian myth used to hold up white supremacy
- space colonies and the "final frontier" are language used to romanticize colonialism, being used to romanticize colonialism
- doing resource exploitation and extraction "but in space" is not going to fix our addiction to ruining our planet

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Can we stop using mental illness as a label when talking about police brutality and white supremacy?

No, they aren't psychopaths. They're racists.

They aren't sociopaths. They're racists.

They aren't narcissists. They're racist.

If you label them as being mentally ill, you're:
a) being shitty towards those of us with mental illness

b) giving them an excuse for their bullshit.

Please stop it.

#Disability #audhd #autism #adhd #Ableism #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #AbolishPolice #AbolishPrisons #Abolition #anarchism

the screeching of the speaker on the train car pierces through all conversation, heralding the announcement from the commanding driver, messenger of the transit god: Up Ahead, Savin Hill! Doors Open On The Left! The riders mourn.

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on the MBTA red line right now and on this car, the speaker screams and wails every time the microphone is on and the train driver's voice booms through like he's speaking a commandment from god

why do i have so many cool ideas for projects to work on EXCEPT when i have time to do projects?

computer science is a wonderful field, actually, it's just that computer science people should never be trusted with anything ever.

our people are so fucking hot and i think its because non-normative beauty is a function of loving yourself and that's a choice we've all made

studying computers once is the worst thing you can do to yourself. you learn why choice A is better faster and actually easier to build than B, then you have to use software that picks B for no goddamn reason.

every 27 seconds. again and again and again for the rest of your life.

and if you ever say "I wish these buildings weren't all built out of cardboard and asbestos" someone affluent white dude shouts "then go rebuild the whole city yourself, femoid"

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