phone rec, boost+ 

looking for a new phone maybe

++ can run foss os
+ good battery
- old
-- is pinephone (i really want to like it but i just think its not there yet)

thank u if you give me a rec i will hug you (virtually (if you want me to))

attractive traits in a person:
- is a communist
- gay
- pretty

is MLM/WLW/etc supposed to be like
men loving men
men-loving men


actually wait i flipped the canonical axes but whatever

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computers person political compass

X axis is open source vs proprietary
Y axis is reactionary vs progressive

me working on a project is like

[yak shave]
[yak shave]
[yak shave
[yak shave]]

i hate interacting with unix reactionary types

thinking about that time i asked gaben what he thought about teeth and he responded

@ionchy oh btw when encoding the media ids in the request to make the toot it goes


so in the alist->form-urlencoded alist syntax it would be like
'((status . "whatever") (|media_ids[]| . "id1") (|media_ids[]| . "id2"))

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@ionchy multipart/form-data is CURSED AND BAD and basically fuck http

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@ionchy there's an endpoint where you can set a caption (or it might be an additional parameter on thie media endpoint but i didn't implement it here

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