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this is my new main account. previously i was @

if we were mutuals on there you are free to send a follow request at any time, even if i've unfollowed you here. i still wanna be mutuals!

that's all thanks for bearing with this move lol

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extended intro, interacting with me 

imo it's good to interact with cool queer folks on this website so,,,

  • if i approved your follow request that means it's okay to interact on masto, or chat offsite. i want to be friends!

  • i have servers for satisfactory and xonotic; also like to play super tux kart, deep rock galactic, and brawlhalla. i may be open to other types of multiplayer games too. send toot for steam code ~

  • if you're interested in hacking stuff ask about my CTF team :goose_hacker:

  • i have a private account which you can ask for if we get to know each other. there's jitsis and also like more personal posting on there

that is all :dragnwitch:


cd downloads && du -sh .
105G .

hmm maybe i should get rid of some downloads

if Juliana made malware she'd be making RATs

i paid $37 so i can hopefully put a useless garbage file in a hoard folder,

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ok so like

if i wanted to turbo cheese i could try to pull the bootrom off a production device but like
maybe that's a lil risky

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@haskal oh noes! its NOT a horrible CPU arch for once! the tragedy!!


the usb stick contains a different module than the one i expected and it's like. completely different inside
it's just rebranded stm32 shit instead of the custom 8051 core in the versions of this module i'm actually interested in so like. there's no interesting bootrom in here unfortunately


oh right!

i still have ice cream in the freezer i didn't finish earlier today

i think the closest obstacle to world domination for me right now is that i happen to be kind of hungry

whoever said "these will be the best years of your life" to you when you were in high school was someone who clearly peaked in high school, and it's a reflection of themselves, not you

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