hot take

this is pedantic bullshit that doesn't actually matter

for all my intents and purposes rust is free software and cargo packages are free software. stop nitpicking


my standard license is GPL/AGPL but i hate GNU licensing reactionaries with a burning passion

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"respects your freedom" my ass

you certify a wireless card with an onboard firmware blob as "RYF" but don't certify basically exactly the same card with the same firmware when it's loaded by the OS. how can a wifi card with actual blobs on it be "freedom respecting" but rust isn't because [checks notes] you'd have to rebrand forks??? what?????

ok i'm going to rant to completion on this topic

GNU's "linux-libre" is a pointless package. simply install the regular linux package and avoid installing the linux-firmware package. that's it. all the code in the linux kernel is GPL. it's already libre! but nooooo you gotta be pedantic about "code that encourages you to use nonfree software" like oh my god shut the fuck up and do something better with your time

@haskal the argument I've seen is that requiring the OS to load it means the manufacturer can restrict distribution of the blob & if they disappear you can't load it, but if it's preloaded then the device is guaranteed to work

@hierarchon i've never heard of manufacturers ever removing blobs from linux-firmware though

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