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I would like to emphasize to everyone that I understand literally nothing and none of my word can be taken as authority on anything

thank you

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This message was sent from a non-IU address. Please exercise caution when clicking links or opening attachments from external sources.

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the Sidekiq man is my sleep paralysis demon

if this deters from you me, good. that's the point

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i keep posting things on here that are going to get crossposted and then eventually get me banned from twitter. it's almost intentional at this point

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if you're for forced birth, respectfully, please not only stay 300 feet away from me at all times but also from everyone else, and then die of starvation

Brouwer ordinals 🤝 Heyting algebras 🤝 Lambek's theorem
I don't know what else they did other than these three things named after them but I'm sure they did a lot more than just that

to those who have it, my new school email is

hrlevi email-seperator iu domain-separator edu

to those who don't already have y old one, emailing me at the address on my website is still preferred

say it with me now:

if this gets me banned from twitter after crossposting i will laugh so hard

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You're disgusting, I'm gonna kill you, give me $200 #feditips

*pannenkoek voice* but first, we have to talk about tarski universes

Every single person who disregarded mask mandates, who shot themself full of horse drugs, who insisted that their freedoms mattered more than herd immunity has Personally Wronged me and everybody else.

I actively think that these are reprehend people and this vile country is worth less than dirt for enabling them instead of prosecuting them.

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The pandemic, and the American Plague State, stole more than two years of what should have been the start of my adulthood and independent personhood.

I am going to be more than two years delayed on every opportunity I get for the rest of my life.

You better believe I'm fucking angry about it. server now pays for itself, thanks patreon

i find it funny that twitter's just now getting alt-text jokes after letting non screen readers look at alt text

when that's just a mastodon classic

and I hold myself to my word that if we ever actually reach the "I will stop posting" goal, I will literally stop posting

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