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I would like to emphasize to everyone that I understand literally nothing and none of my word can be taken as authority on anything

thank you

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reposting this from old account so I can pin it

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welcome to PL mastodon we have
- nobody

I post this every 2 months or so, sometimes more often, just to sift through the follower pool

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I am once again going to assert that if you work on NFTs and cryptocurrencies you should feel bad about yourself

if you're asking "but hazel is this post about me? i thought we were friends"

it's not

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my posts are not meant to be replied to. every time you reply to me you are contractually obligated to pay me $20

today's take: Java is a completely irredeemable language and adding more features isn't going to fix it

its MY class and I HAVE THE POWER to play lo fi hip hop beats to relax and study to while my students are working

Branding Yourself Online

Step 1: don't

I am reasonably competent with C, and I would still rather not write it for any reason

i will never reify. that's the hazel guarantee

this is not a post. please do not perceive it as such

currently using one of those "email yourself in the future" websites to send myself the entire wikipedia page for Brazil in a month

the STEM vs liberal arts dichotomy is a lie. we must unite to defeat our true enemy, the business students

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i really hope one day we can dispel the myth of computer touching being an absurdly big brain activity so people dont develop a genius complex after learning their first python script

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you almost have to respect the audacity of a 20 something computer guy who thinks he can make significant contributions to chess programs, one of the oldest and most widely studied games in the history of computer science, in a month

good morning god has let me live another day and i'm about to make it the problem of two very specific people

does anyone else do the thing where you have to align the &s in tables in latex or else you will die

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