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me: oh god oh fuck i lost my glasses
(they're on my face)

>Personally, I find I am too imperfect to fit into such a crystal clear mathematical construct, so I would not say I am a monad. Maybe, on a good day, you could model me as one.
>Whether you are sufficiently perfect to be a monad is up to you.

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bangs head against a wall repeatedly LET 👏 ME 👏 COMPILE 👏 RACKET

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"at least with Nix your problems are reproducible"

Yeah I've got ADD (algebra-driven design)

racket minimal be like:
"I would like to raco pkg install literally-anything"
"ah. I see you've chosen death"

my software is free as in you are free from the prospect of using or knowing about it

It makes perfect sense to compare apples and oranges imo. Why do we say that

fuck you *uncompletes your logic*
- Kurt Gödel, 1931

i'm the sourdough stopper. how do you like that? huh? little bitch?

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cut my life into pieces. this is my bogosort

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