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I would like to emphasize to everyone that I understand literally nothing and none of my word can be taken as authority on anything

thank you

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reposting this from old account so I can pin it

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welcome to PL mastodon we have
- nobody

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Do you think god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

tempted to switch my mostly unmaintained blog's static site generator out


every time someone actually asks me questions about my software, or sends me code they built with it, I'm like

what?? the Fuck?? ????

selfie ec boosts ok 

hello homosexuals and homosexual affiliates

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a lot of people complain about lisp having too many parentheses. i complain about redex having too many ellipses

me: implements a language with the amb operator
also me: wait why is this term reducing to multiple values 🤔

every day Jordy gets into a conversation with someone and I read the thread and I'm like hmm. yes. these are Thoughts

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imagine being the guy who goes around proving things are undecidable and ruining everyone's day

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Me: Type checks an implementation of Girard's paradox in Agda
Agda: *does not terminate*
Me: :pika:

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'Irreconcilable Differences' by me

My thoughts on the Mastodon iOS app and the frustrations within with a side of our long standing problems with Gargron.

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masto beginners guide:
- if you're on .social or .online leave immediately
- don't look at federated
- if you see a cwed image with a purple blur do not open it in polite company

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water... like it or not, this bad boy is going to make you hydrated. you gotta have it, folks

"this is sufficient to declare B a basis, by 2.something I don't feel like looking it up QED"

- my notes

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I'm just really tired Eugen.

This isnt Twitter 2.0.

This is masto. If you keep trying to be Twitter 2.0 the only users you're gonna get are those were banned from Twitter.

Which usually means they are probably not great for here. If they managed to get kicked off the hellscape of Twitter.

You aren't getting more people because you're positioning yourself as a lesser baby version of something they already have.

The instances and local TL are what make masto cool. Why the fuck are you removing them from your app that's supposed to introduce people to the program????


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i also think federation should remain automatic, no whitelists, but, posts federated from an instance that has not manually approved the destination instance should have their font colour set to be the same as the post background colour

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@norikawa I think the worry is The wider consciousness wouldn’t want to use fedi if they know about all these dangers, but I think that that’s their decision to make

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