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I would like to emphasize to everyone that I understand literally nothing and none of my word can be taken as authority on anything

thank you

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reposting this from old account so I can pin it

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welcome to PL mastodon we have
- nobody

advent of code time. i am not ready but i will do it

my patience for people putting parentheses on their own line while writing lisp is at its end

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*points at you*

you are the cyclic group of order 2. there is nothing you can do

email protip: filter the word "Unsubscribe"

thanksgiving is a holiday meant to mask the US's horrid treatment of indigenous people. if we truly wished to give thanks we would give them their land back.

the cats are smelling each other. this is getting out of hand

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im in the cat room. there are cats

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that feel when you ..uh . y ou fucking. you fucking uh. you Set (A.ℓ ⊔ B.ℓ₁) != Set B.ℓ₁

squimsh : A ≡ A → A ≐ A
squimsh refl = refl

I have learned that doing any mathematics in type theory requires you to be a genius

this is either a post about politics or about type theory. up to you

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I wish I could teach Agda to feel my suffering

that feel when you. uh . y ou fucking. you fucking uh. you

Coset : ∀ {ℓ} {T : Set ℓ} {S : NonemptySubset T} (G : Group T) (H : Subgroup G S) → Set ℓ
Coset G H = CosetRel G H // coset-~
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