is the question to minimize the amount of trolley deaths or is the question to minimize the amount of nodes traversed while killing everyone

food for thought

@hazel makes me think about the traveling salesman problem...

Dijkstras algorithm calculates about a bunch of paths at the same time, keeping score at each node. So you can't apply it for maximizing the trolley deaths, because the path you took zeros the utility going over that edge again. Could make a "parallel universe" but that defeats the point of the algorithm.

The traveling salesman apparently can only visit a city once, same combinatorial explosion, but with removing edges to cities.


The first question is “Is the trolley electric with an overhead wire or fuel-driven?”

The second question is: “If the trolley is fuel-driven - how many fuel is in the tank?”

@hazel Is it bad that I immediately solved for minimum deaths . . .

re: answer 

@Ophelia I'll probably verify this later but I think you're right

re: answer 

@Ophelia @hazel You star with 5 -> 5 (10), but you can go 5 -> 1 -> 1 -> 2 (9) instead, no?

@rysiek The travelling trolley of Königsberg Xeno's secretary sortion halting problem.


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