what are sufficiently weird mathematical concepts to put up as posters in my apartment

most well-known i'm willing to go is the weierstrass function

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@hazel just find the weirdest-looking commutative diagram you can and stick it on a poster

@hazel It's the Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem. It's a very generalized version of Riemann-Roch, which was originally a statement that counts the functions on a curve with given zeros and poles. The theorem went through many increasingly complex versions, until finally it was just "this diagram commutes".

@hazel According to the translation is:

"Witches Kitchen 1971. Riemann-Roch Theorem: The final cry: The diagram is commutative! To give an approximate sense to the statement about f: X → Y, I had to abuse the listeners' patience for almost two hours. Black on white (in Springer lecture notes) it probably takes about 400, 500 pages. A gripping example of how our thirst for knowledge and discovery indulges itself more and more in a logical delirium far removed from life, while life itself is going to Hell in a thousand ways and is under the threat of final extermination. High time to change our course!"

@hazel Also idk if this is too normal but people have made a "periodic table of finite simple groups".

@hazel poster of Gabriel's trumpet. only requires finite 1m^2 of paper but is impossible to fit on your wall lol

@hazel why not the theory of relativity, or the Turing ?

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