happy world intellectual property day. remember to avoid websites such as libgen, z-lib, or sci-hub to avoid accidentally committing IP theft when getting legal copies of your books and papers

@hazel hey cool

apparently ISO standards also fall under that

but the 2 copies of 8601 are both in german

but looking on libgen has a 2004 copy in english nice

not that I particularly wanted a copy but I was curious

@hazel And not to use any alternative DNS providers or mirrors to bypass website blocking if applicable in your country.

@hazel noooooooo don't use intitle:"index.of" on google to find media aha

@hazel Did you know that on this very special day even horticulturists are able to get in on the "fun"? Be sure not to take cuttings/grafts from patented rose cultivars! Here is a list of what not :wink: to clone:

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