good morning I made my university pay for a split keyboard for insane people


what the actual fuck is this thing

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I don't even super intend to use it they just were like "do you want any equipment to teach your course" and I wanted to see how far I could push them

Real answer, Accessibility 

@hazel ITs a spilt keyboard, arguably more ergonomic (i've use them when they are more split but both sides are attached to each other) ones like that are particularly popular among people with various muscle and skeletal conditions as the halves can be postponed separate form each-other. Similar to how people in the same boat may also prefer to use the switch with the joycons detached and split not on the "controler" holder.

@hazel i see a decent amount of people at work using them, supposedly reduces RSI. i've been meaning to try one.

@hazel there is a fucker here somewhere that has something like this i thought it was a bit

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