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If it's not well-founded, then I can't do induction, because it'll recur forever downards, defeating the whole purpose of induction on ordinals... drats

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downsides of writing tests for a library that produces pictures: comparing pictures is really hard, and automating their comparison is confusing

upsides of writing tests for a library that produces pictures: jackson pollock

if we're being pedantic, straight lines don't exist in nature, or at all, anywhere

@saphie we live in a non-euclidean space
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@eris @meena lobsters is basically HN for people who think they're better than HN and it sucks lmao

@wilbowma """minimalism"""

frankly the entire thing stems from weird reactionary "traditionalist" rhetoric but w/e

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normal person: hey whats up
me, philosopher: what is "up"

(no seriously, the suckless people are nazis, they did a torch march, stop using their stuff for the love of god)

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suckless: using extremely bad software with memory leaks and garbage code to Own The Libs

@alexandria @haskal i remind everyone voluntarily using st that the suckless programmers are not only nazis, they write terrible code, and there are tons of memory leaks in it

@david my calc 3 textbook was "calculus two"

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types of computers startups 

- "our primary product is a website"

- "our primary product is a website (electron)"

- "i read your front page and i still have no idea what you actually do"

- "i talked to one of your marketers for 20 minutes and i still have no idea what you actually do"

- business model: existing popular startup's business model but focused on an area where it doesn't make sense

- business model: enter a space that regulation hasn't caught up to yet (most of the ones involving computers) and then just do blatantly evil shit that is not yet illegal

- commercialization of a concept developed in the 60s

- commercialization of a 20 year old open source project

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