me: oh god oh fuck i lost my glasses
(they're on my face)

@cdmnky my university teaches Scheme (or, well, a limited subset of Racket, to be exact) first for this reason

usually knowing functional programming helps when you go to learn imperative programming, but not really the other way around

>Personally, I find I am too imperfect to fit into such a crystal clear mathematical construct, so I would not say I am a monad. Maybe, on a good day, you could model me as one.
>Whether you are sufficiently perfect to be a monad is up to you.

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bangs head against a wall repeatedly LET 👏 ME 👏 COMPILE 👏 RACKET

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"at least with Nix your problems are reproducible"

Yeah I've got ADD (algebra-driven design)

racket minimal be like:
"I would like to raco pkg install literally-anything"
"ah. I see you've chosen death"

@FirstProgenitor sorry i have anxiety and you seem cool and i enjoy reading your posts

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