opening a GitHub bug report is the naive approach. emailing Matthew gets it done in like half an hour. man terrifies me

@wilbowma that is how you solve problems in the compiler yes

racket: "you need to recompile"
me: "oh OK. can you do that then"
racket: :beebo:

honey! it's 9:21 PM! time for your

; instantiate-linklet: mismatch;
; reference to a variable that is not exported;
; possibly, bytecode file needs re-compile because dependencies changed
; name: idY9.1
; exporting instance: "/home/hazel/src/sawzall/sawzall-lib/grouped-df.rkt"

insofar that it's probably possible, a lot of people have a good guess, but it might be outright unsolvable and people have been repeatedly warned not to try

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i used to say that my gender was undecidable and that its resolution is equivalent to the halting problem

now i think that it's equivalent to the collatz conjecture

today's R fact from hell: expressions in Rinternal.h are called "SEXP". yes, for S-expression. yes, that kind of S-expression

at this rate I'm really gonna be spending my entire undergrad in perpetual lockdown huh

I'm not optimistic about the fall semester at all

please never say "women and nonbinary" when the event has women in the name

you are just reducing nonbinary people to women

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The [...] conference is aimed at women and non-binary undergraduate students


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This toot is brought to you by people who refer to a topological space only by the set part or a concrete category only by the category part

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Mathematicians will define things like "an ___ is a pair (Y, Z) consisting of a blah blah blah" and carry on referring to the whole pair by only Y

@wilbowma @ionchy I think it was summarized as mathematicians viewing logicians (and logic-focused computer scientists) the same way normal people viewing mathematicians

insofar that it's basically "that seems painful"

@wilbowma @ionchy I am a math major and almost 100% of the time my professors say I have far too much attention to detail

and yes. I'm a programmer and I am interested in type theory. I care about minutiae way more than any normal person

@ionchy like when I do topology I don't write "a pair (X, tau)" I write "a set X imbued with the topology tau"

@ionchy I wish there was a better way to "imbue something with structure" than "it's a pair" and then referring to the entire thing as whatever

so does anyone actually think that university campuses are going to have an uneventful fall 2021 or are y'all just joking

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