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unless the axioms of Set Theory are inconsistent

hyped for class today where nobody is going to understand how accumulators work

saying "the web needs to die" is not a productive statement for anyone

regardless of the sorry state of the internet, it is in our best interests to salvage it

twirls around in chair and puts my feet up on the desk, showing my miku socks to my student

good evening

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if i ever become a prof i'm going to be the one who makes everyone think there's something not quite right with my department

i'll wear miku socks to my office hours or something idk

unpopular opinion, USA pandemic 

don't host a Thanksgiving dinner in person

do not attend a Thanksgiving dinner in person

stay with your current household only

@hazel society if row types existed in a good language [futuristic city dot jpeg]

me: you know what's cool? row polymorphism
ocaml's object system: exists
me: i take it back

Twitter added stories to its features
and Instagram added a shopping feature lmfaoo

People should really ditch those platforms and come to Mastodon and Pixelfed or the Fediverse in general.

lambda the ultimate subnon-Web network protocol document reply 

Using an abacus is SO liberating, you can move the beads however you like! It's so much better than a computer, which has all these buttons and cables when all I've ever wanted to do is add numbers. Not only is using an abacus more intuitive, you can build your own abacus with woodworking tools over a weekend; I tried to modify my computer and it caught fire.

so apparently Canvas lets you embed arbitrary HTML into comments and they don't strip <script>

is it normal for the home depot theme to smell metallic

c19 rel 

i got my covid test back and it said i was an idiot and would never amount to anything

also it was negative

Category theorists can't get enough of dualities. Pick any category theory term, stick "co" in front of it. I promise you, that term exists and it is the categorical dual of the other one

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