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i'm just upset that my flagship 2016 laptop isn't able to keep up with modern javascript hell software tbh. computers shouldn't become obsolete this fast. web people need to stop. like, right now

it still runs minecraft _great_ tho

anyway my pet conspiracy theory is that in like 30 to 50 years we'll find out that parler was created, or at least allowed to continue existing, as a honeypot operation

because their security really does seem like a moment in a comedy movie where the bumbling FBI agents have someone cooperating on the phone when they didn't plan it

"oh shit uhhh bob... what should we ask for security info?"

"uhhhhh.... fuck it, shoot for the moon throckmornton, let's get their full legal name"

".................hey bob, they said yes to that. they said they'll give us a scan of their drivers license if we want"



"okay okay fuck. yes, that's good, that's great. fuck it. let's see how far we can push this, ask for their social security number"

"okay just a sec"

"ah fuck. that's too far. that's gonna be too far, they're gonna absolutely call bullshit, fuck, we've overplayed our hand, they're gonna -"

"bob i have their social security number"


@wilbowma I didn't know you went to IU for undergrad what

I was reading your thesis and you mentioned Dan and Amr and I backstepped a bit

Repeat it all together with me:

The problem isn't "polarization"

The problem is white supremacy

EitherT fmeab <*> EitherT mea = EitherT $ (<*>) <$> fmeab <*> mea

writing some good code right now

I chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of
closing the g*ddamn

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