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me: i love type theory
me: *uses a proof assistant*
me, through pained breath: man

can you seriously not eliminate prop into set

fuck you *one-point compactifies your space*

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i could solve the halting problem easily, but certain people have been a bitch to me, so i wont

"Secret sigma they keep locked away" - @ionchy

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@hazel "oh look at me I'm half the base of base 10 I'm easy to do arithmetic with and I'm a prime number" ass little bitch. Gonna shove 5 into a locker

i just. i just want the fucking squimsher. give me the fucking Set -> Prop squimsher.

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"how do I do X?"
"solve the halting problem"
"god damnit"

a conversation I have had on 5 separate occasions this month

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sorry but if you make it to year 3 of CS and your take is that anything is computable you're a complete fucking moron. it's like being a year 3 geologist and thinking the earth is flat

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I think that less numbers should be prime

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Q: what is the loneliest number

A: 5 because it's a dipshit idiot loser. lol


-- Quotient types:
-- I don't entirely understand what these do.

If I leave then Jonathan gets full control of, or I find a replacement for myself.

This isn't a commitment to leaving, but it's possible.

I really appreciate the community I've built here, thank you all for sticking with a random undergrad's rented Ubuntu server.

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If you want to talk, my contact info's public. If I want to talk to you, though, you should already have that information somewhere.

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I might leave Mastodon entirely. If I do, I'm not going to shut down, and I'll continue paying for its hosting.

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quick note to all: I haven't posted here in a while because I've pretty much felt exclusively like human garbage for about a week.

It's only been amplified lately because uh. circumstances. whatever.

indiana university bloomington fun facts

our CS2 is an irredeemable burning hell

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