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before implementing a programming language, please talk to a type theorist

you don't even have to know type theory
just throw something at them and ask if it's a good idea

I beg you

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Unix Toucher people:

I'm currently brainstorming ideas for a symlink/dotfile manager. Plans are to integrate with stuff like git, tar, diff, shell, $EDITOR, and make organization clean and consistent while being as portable as can be

As such, I wanna know how people currently organize their config files, including:

- What configurations are you managing? (software, file formats)
- On which systems (operating systems, laptop/desktop/server/work machines)?
- How are your files organized (directory structure)?
- Are you using an existing manager, or self-written tools?
- What features are you looking for in a tool?
- What features are you missing?

Boosts for visibility appreciated

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Computer graphics is the worst and has the most nightmarish data dependency problems known to man. Thank you

hazel 💤 boosted in dorks' minds: evil christian tankie antisemitism and racism instance that does harassment by blocking the people it harasses in reality: huge bong rip okay who here has opinions on efficient integer multiplication

Hey I'm headed out to the platonic realm real quick anyone want anythin'

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If you're having computer problems DO NOT turn it off and back on again, IT has been SCAMMING YOU FOR YEARS, the problems will ALWAYS COME BACK, the solution is to simply turn the computer OFF and NEVER turn it back on again

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stop saying "systems language" when what you really mean is "c++-like"

who needs a stepper when you have `Debug.print "Penis@.";`

i am now summarizing my current research as "cubical scratch"

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okay, Mastodon 3.5. so:
- fulltext search is broken again
- there's probably some locale stuff broken
- the mailer should be functional now

i like reading rust docs and they say something like "if you send a float from an x86 system to a mips system from before 2008 there might be a portability concern" and i'm like. who tried?

textures: &'a mut Textures<Texture>

ah yes. this Textures is made of Texture

i hate low-level programming. i hate computer graphics. please let somebody else do this job because i will not do it properly

on today's episode of "hazel nitpicks everything to death": i dislike it when languages use "x: A" instead of "x : A" for types

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