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the downside of actually being serious now is i can't recreate the nightmare that was april fools 2021

what does that mean? you'll have to find out

Show thread admin announcement: we're randomizing the timeline

Fuck you
*deformation retracts you to a point*

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Welcome, new users! Some frequently asked questions:

1. Why are,, etc silenced?

Due to the size of these instances, as well as the fact that registrations on them are completely open, content moderation becomes very difficult. Mastodon doesn't give us very many tools for talking to an instance when we only want to let some users in without moderating those instances by telephone line.

You can still follow and interact with users on these instances, but when they follow you, you'll get a follow request. This is the only major difference.

2. Why is instance X suspended entirely?

The upside of Mastodon is that anyone can make an instance, and the downside of Mastodon is that anyone can make an instance. There are tons of Mastodon instances for any topic you'd like, but there are also tons of instances for topics you wouldn't like (including, up to, and beyond literal neo-Nazism). Part of our job as an instance administrator is to avoid these instances interacting with us so you don't get awful content in your notifications, or on the federated timeline.

If you want to look at the list of all suspended instances, take a look at (it's long!)
Many of these instances don't have immediate reasons for defederation on them, because they were imported from the blocklist back in 2020 when this instance was first created.

3. Will you unsuspend X instance?

Not likely. If you want a larger corner of the fediverse without our (admittedly opinionated, but generally correct) moderation choices, you're free to join another instance.

4. Why is my application pending indefinitely?

There could be two reasons for this.
The first is that your application was bad: "leaving twitter", "why not?", "waiting until musk suspends me" aren't good reasons, and don't verify that you're not a spambot.
We also want to ensure that new users on meet our code of conduct, which some people in the PL community decidedly do not: no homophobia, no transphobia, et cetera.

The second is that we're slow at accepting account requests. We're getting about 25-75 applications a day, and we can only reasonably process about 15-25. This is because this instance is run by a bunch of busy students.

5. Can I get a custom emoji added to the instance?

Yes. DM an admin with a shortcode and a PNG.

6. Wow, this is very useful! Thanks so much!

me: You're welcome! That's not a question.

gigantic spider above me: dematerializes

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a reminder that types is in fact run by some random undergrad and grad students who are very much not A Proper Professional Organization

"and I'm really glad that I never went into computability theory because honestly they care about all these really weird and contrived sets. like they don't talk to anyone else. it's baffling"
- my computability theory professor

john madden john madden john madden john madden john madden

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you ever uhhhh uh uh uh uh uuh uh uhuhuhuh

I don't even super intend to use it they just were like "do you want any equipment to teach your course" and I wanted to see how far I could push them

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good morning I made my university pay for a split keyboard for insane people

does anyone know how to typeset «t» in latex. detexify isn't being useful

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fun admin facts:

one of us tells the truth. one of us lies. one of us does a third, secret thing

me when i literally (Deref 'r15 (* 8 offset))

side effect of my current displayname is that every time i get a new account signup the mailer calls me elon musk

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we're going down for an indefinite amount of time (hopefully short!) starting at 1PM EST this Saturday, November 12th

the version of Mastodon on this server is 1500 commits behind upstream so I should probably merge it soon

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