Hey friends, do folks have any pointers for tools/tips for migrating from Twitter to Mastodon?

E.g., I don't want to one-by-one follow everybody I was following on Twitter. Are there tools to help?

@lorisdanto I tried searching for your name from mastodon.social, and could not find you, but I did find myself as well as most other people I'm following on types.pl. So I'm not sure what's going on with your account. Maybe you need to give it a few days to become visible elsewhere?

@heades Thanks for the app suggestion, but doesn't it bother anyone that the compose window (on Chrome at least) is teeny tiny and scrunched on the left side of the screen? I thought a benefit of Mastodon was the ability to write longer posts, but I'm not gonna write a longer post in this minuscule window.

This is my first toot (though my family members would dispute that). Question #1: It is making me type in a tiny little window. Is there a way to enlarge the window?


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