@inata death to this shit. "Weird attachment names".

@inata Hey now, how were the devs supposed to anticipate this? Everyone knows that filenames existed long before languages besides English were invented. /s

@inata there's gotta be a special circle of hell for when you're not even accepting punycode

@inata @technomancy Good lord. A “Unicode is hard and we have other priorities” response would be disappointing, but comprehensible. This is just “you’re bad for not only speaking English”. WTF.

@inata I'm actually totally OK with that.

ASCII is the present typographic Lingua Franca.

("Lingua Franca" referred to French, the one-time international language, in Latin, the previous international language.)

There can only be one unitary global standard. If you've got a suggestion for an alternative typographic system which is widely known, widely supported, unambiguous, and enables the greatest number of people worldwide be able to avoid malware or other hostile content, feel free to suggest it.

Unknown-text and homoglyph attacks are both concerns.

Oh: and a universal language is highly likely to be associated with a dominant power (or prior one). As with French and Latin previously. You'll find similar patterns in other parts of the world prior to the modern era.

@dredmorbius @inata I think there's a qualitative difference between "we don't have time to support Unicode file names properly, sorry" and "your language is weird" tho

@calcifer @dredmorbius @inata Also as a URL, you get "non-weirdness" for free, the second with % escapes. It may not be nice to look at, but it round-trips correctly, and still correctly stores in obsolete 7-bit ASCII database fields.

@dredmorbius i saw the word french and stopped reading immediately. can you say this again but without using the word french

@qorg @inata this is the only one I've encountered myself (trying to stop discord interacting with my web services at all) but I suspect their issue tracker will be full of the same shit

did you know they don't have an ASN so I can't just drop an IP range at the firewall?
@qorg @inata it's the most amatuer hour bullshit

they're literally using <server provider> IPs because they uhhh
can't be bothered? can't afford? are too incompetent?

I imagine it's the latter.
There are fedi instances that are more professional than this stuff.
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