It's too bad I resigned to not being a math person in grade 9 because I was really bad at math competitions

Being able to conceptualize all the branches of higher math that exist beyond competitions isn't exactly common at age 14


I think someone should've told me about computer science when I was in high school
Not just computer programming but all the kinds of things you learn in a CS degree
I probably could've done quite a bit of it quite early on, I just didn't know all of this existed

@ionchy ...I knew about theoretical CS at 14, but didn't actually get anywhere

@hazel then again yeah, I knew about theoretical physics at 14 too, but it did take an entire undergrad degree to get to the point where I could do basic particle physics, at which point I lost interest

@ionchy @hazel Particles are just tiny orbs probably. How hard could it be

@vdash @hazel we don't even know if they are tiny orbs, that's how hard it is

@ionchy @hazel Why don't we just look at them and see for ourselves

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