I wonder if I have time to make tea :blobcattea:

@wilbowma I can't believe it's been a month and I still haven't remembered the correct times of my meetings

@ionchy Get a calendar; free your brain of unnecessary work.

@wilbowma The unbelievable thing is that I literally opened my calendar to get the zoom link, thinking I was absolutely correct, not seeing the scheduled time right there on the page or noticing that my phone hadn't notified me yet


@ionchy i had some rice puerh in the morning and am waiting for some dragonwell rn but also im thinking about getting boba

re: teaa 

@pounce I had an oolong earlier and a jasmine just now :blobcattea:
whats a rice puerh? is it like a gemaicha where you have bits of roasted rice in it?

re: teaa 

@pounce I haven't had a boba in so long... I used to get it with friends but not seeing friends outside means no boba lol

re: teaa 

@ionchy Im talking about something like this which I have two different kinds of (one toucha and one flatter one??) which is really nice for morning tea imo

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