Just for fun. I would never give a presentation

The slides before this have developed chronic too-many-words-itis

I didn't like how I blasted through naturals and lists so instead I'm redoing them with "Tees" and adding the ugliest colours because I can

@wilbowma just for fun. just to get my thoughts in line

@ionchy but a sized types talk say at PL reading group would be good too

@ionchy definitely fun. Did you see my little presentation? It was just me rambling out loud until someone interrupted my thoughts

@syntacticsugarglider unless you don't have algebraic datatypes... then that's beyond my scope

@ionchy i do not have primitive algebraic datatypes, i encode them using self-types.

@ionchy i'm pretty sure sizes correspond to boxes for me but i don't know enough about sizes to claim that

@syntacticsugarglider @ionchy (holding a type up by its feet and shaking it, sizes scattering all over the floor) Aha! Thought you could hide these from me eh?

@vdash @syntacticsugarglider @ionchy currently trying to imagine what type feet would look like

@ionchy i am very open to the argument that my stratification primitives are just another perspective on sizes, just not explicit

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