anything but snake-case in Racket is a grave sin

I have been informed that this is not called snake case

it's called kebab case???

why_is_this_snake_case? it doesn't look like a snake


like snakes are long and noodly and straight, they don't like, alternate between the floor and not on the floor unless they decide to curl up


@hazel @wilbowma then_snake‾case_should‾be_like‾this??

@ionchy @hazel Yes please submit a PR to Python style guide so they know.

@wilbowma @ionchy not only style guide. it should be a syntax error to do anything different

@wilbowma @ionchy get a list of all the words in every language and make it so that they have to be delimited by this

screw it, C++ grammar is already undecidable, why not Python

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