I can't bring my bathrobe to Philadelphia bc it's too big :(

I can't bring my BLÅHAJ because he's too BIG 😭

Considering stuffing blahaj into a tracked packet

Also considering shipping some clothes that way depending on how much they weigh. A packet has a limit of 2 kg

And also pick a selection of clothes that I a) don't immediately need and b) are worth more than 33$ to make shipping worth it

if I can fit my bathrobe AND blahaj in a tracked packet it would be totally worth it

huh USPS is about the same price as Canada Post. the std box looks a little smaller but the price is also a little cheaper

Stuffed another box full of clothes and it's ready overweight at 3.5 kg. ok then

Considering whether it's cheaper to go buy vacuum packaging (where??) or to ship whatever doesn't fit

Sitting on the floor surrounded by stuff wondering how I'm going to get all of this stuff from my current place to the next place when the lease is over in a year and possibly six months

I think I'll use another box to ship things that are a) solid and incompressible, b) light and can withstand some knocking around, and c) altogether worth more than 30$ so that shipping it makes sense but d) not a terrible awful loss if it goes missing
So far I have designated for it my screwdriver set, my tea, and my french press , which is around the 20$ mark I think

@ionchy this image has a very comforting aura

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