Out of curiosity I looked up my name on twitter and found that there is a Jon H.M. Chan who is director of engineering at stack overflow and who is also queer
Illegal. Get your own name you're not allowed to have more than two traits in common with me

I would change my name to ionchy but it's gonna be misspelt and mispronounced all the time
Also some software literally forces the first letter of your name to be capitalized which I think it's ridiculous, if last names can be de whatever or van whatever why can't mine be ionchy with a lowercase i

That's not true. I wouldn't change it legally, it's an enormous hassle


I've heard eye-onchy many times but the one time I heard "yonky"? I'm like nuh uh I need a new name now time to change the username of all 169 of my online accounts

Jonathan but I force you to pronounce it yonatan

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