shop talk 

I really should remember to CW work vagueposts
anyway I'm chasing after this yak where \left\llbracket\fbox{...}\right\rrbracket seems to think the box is twice the size it really is

This is a modern presentation of the ramified theory of types but like. Yeah that's exactly it huh

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fine. I'm hopping on the trend 

wrong kind of size

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I can't figure out what's causing all this weird spacing issues

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I find myself thinking clearer when I write on the whiteboard
I also find myself compelled to leave funny little notes for myself next morning

drugs ment (mushrooms) 

💀💀💀 why did they cold-call DM me abt this lmaooo

I've figured out how to display my cards without damaging them with pins or knocking them over all the time when I reach over my shelf lol

oh it works. idk why it was behaving like that previously

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oui c'est moi. j'entend le français mal pq tlm parle trop vite

I'm gonna get anodized titanium not niobium but what colour should I get

It doesn't look so much UPenn colours as it does like. naval alphabet flag colours lmao
I'm also considering finding a gold-ish yarn and switching out the red for the other half of the scarf for UBC colours but I'd like to use a yarn with a same composition and if possible maybe even the same supplier? no idea where this yarn is from though since it was gifted

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I'm still not sure if a checkerboard pattern was a great idea for a scarf but I think I'll just keep going until I run out

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