Blocks as a programming language... pistons that "run" the blocks...

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just writing it out is so much easier and I can see what I'm doing

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@hazel everyone should care about sequent calculus imo

he has it all written out nicely like this. I would hate it tbh

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@hazel lmao I guess that was enough identifying information all at once

The other day I saw someone had a blog with inference rules that were written entirely using HTML tables and styled with CSS and it wasn't compiled down to that or anything, I took at look at their Markdown files and they just have HTML right in there
I should steal their CSS someday

It's been so long since I've pulled Idris that they changed the branch name to main and I didn't notice

@132ikl this is why I refuse to automate with redstone in Minecraft. I'm not falling for its tricks

We're definitely discussing the same thing
It's just that everything is categoric in his head and everything is syntactic in mine

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I'm mentally translating every instance of "coproduct" to "sum type" and "colimit" to "smth smth inductives probably"

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I'm convinced I'd understand him perfectly if he used different words

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