Friendship ended with . New best friend is now

Haha nope I'm trying to read one of next week's papers and I have no idea what's going on

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@rt computer science but the computer is silent

Currently :seepy_cosy: trying to read a paper for systems class and getting increasingly :seepy_cosy:

@bruceiv Yeah, half-screens is probably how I usually tile
And lots of modern DEs (like Windows!) have the sort of snap-to-left/right feature nowadays so I don't think I'll be losing much if I stop using i3

I started to use i3 last year because I wanted to learn how to use a tiling wm (I guess it might not count as a full DE) but now I'm finding that I don't tile all that much simply because my laptop screen is not that big

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Maybe I'll switch DEs too and use something that comes with a bunch of nice things like actually connecting to my monitor based on previous settings

Why do we call it the scientific method and not the scientific procedure 

Because methods are objective

To quote @vdash,

There is so much about equality. I feel like 99% of type theory is about equality

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@pounce I'm saying you do need equality! The IfZero(x - y) and IfZero(y - x) thing is neat but I can't imagine that would be particularly generalizable
I think I at least need an equality type
There is no escaping it

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