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oh I needed to add www-data to the mastodon group. I feel like I should write that down somewhere

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yeah that was it. NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=[size in MB] I guess

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FATAL ERROR: Reached heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory


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I need to increase swappiness... pls use the gigantic file I have reserved 4 u thx

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so I started doing this but I can't precompile assets bc I got the tiniest server and there's not enough RAM lmao

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TIL I can't clone from GitHub over IPv6 ?? ok

This building just has a really flimsy construction I think. Sound travels right through the floors

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I think the upstairs neighbours are having their entire extended family over for thanksgiving because there are at least two children, one screaming crying baby, and several pairs of adult footsteps

I think Hetzner charges by uptime so it wouldn't be very expensive if I just turn it off when I'm done
My server also isn't very expensive generally

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What if I bought a separate VPS with Hetzner for types dev deployments

Actually I'm over the mortifying ordeal of being known

What does the second I in PII stand for
Private Information Information

I think reading the section in the HoTT book has gotten me a little closer but I'm still not there
Also I should probably read that section a lot closer lol I skipped all the proofs

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I think I need to read a million different presentations of the yoneda lemma and universal properties before I'll fully internalize it all

I think PLUM could also start prefixing their things with plu-

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