No one ever asks "how will roads pay for themselves or make a profit". But they do it with the post office and public transit. It's a brilliant messaging strategy to make people forget that their gas guzzling monopoly loses money paid for by taxes, but the other services are held to another standard entirely

As per tradition, the last question of my compilers final was:
Write a haiku about compilers. 0.5 points if funny, 0.5 points if actually a haiku. These are some of the best ones (some are not haikus):

Terminate your string
If you do not I will scream
Sincerely, scanner

Compilers be cool
Cool as a cucumber, ya?
Nah, it got that rizz!

If not type checking
One plus true will make you blue
Typechecking saves you

Lex and parse the code
Oops, I forgot to typecheck
What is true times 2?

Poorly written code
My compiler does nothing
Poorly written MIPS

Dearest Professor
With beautiful golden hair
Teach us compilers

push push pop pop push
Wait, what was I doing again?
push push pop pop push

Wow, my code is slow
I tell GCC, “-o3”
Not my problem now

Compile fast don’t blink
Errors all over the place
French programmers stink
Note: I think this was related to me making fun of whoever named Coq

Linguist in compisci
Switch majors free of Chomsky
Wait, ho’d he get here?

I make compilers
I grow (abstract syntax) trees
I’m a gardener

Find the access link
Follow where the link points to
Make a smile and blink

From spaghetti code
To an abstract syntax tree
To lasagna code

I: don’t write poems
But I wrote a compiler
j I # Ha Ha Ha

A List of Things People Blamed on Flappers


@shriramk Interesting! I think twitter was a significant net negative in my life. And more so the world in general. I'd far prefer it just quietly implode and not be replicated. Almost every virtual space I've seen in my life has had healthier dynamics. God, even usenet. Which is saying something.

NPR and CBC have suspended the use of their Twitter accounts. Finally.

Give us a boost eh? Pass this on for people to encourage CBC and NPR to get using Mastodon:

Everyone can email

Go here to msg NPR managment :


@ben @wilbowma @jbclements
We have upcoming research (in review, so I don't want to deanon) that basically says you absolutely should use a checker for Python. I have no opinion on which one, nor was that a focus of our research.

The analogy to HtDP is not a good one, because the HtDP annotations aren't, they're just comments. So you can't transfer any "students don't complain there" to the Python context.

Okay, let's say (just for the sake of argument) that I'm teaching a data structures course in Python (a preposterous conceit). Any opinions on mypy vs pyre vs just not checking the type annotations at all?

Y2K38 is now closer than Y2K. And it already is a problem. 🙂

John Connor 🤝 westbound flight
being chased
by the terminator

TIL: there's a conference called ICONSES! Imagine my disappointment when it turned out it's not actually a conference about conses. Related, exam question my students are struggling with right now: "expand the expression `'(24 () o)` by writing it using only cons and numbers and symbols and `'()` (and parentheses, of course).

1/ When I came to the US as a student, my single biggest cultural shock was with university party culture. (Many things were new, but few were *shocks*.) It baffled me that this could be the purpose for which people went to college. #BookReview

This hard-hitting book is based on a remarkable study: a professor & grad student (& RAs) embed themselves into a dorm floor for a whole year, and then continue with a longitudinal study. The amount of work that went into this book is mind-boggling. ↵

If you think the thumbnail on the latest @notjustbikes video is hyperbolic… it's not. Here's an undoctored photo of my 11½-year-old daughter in front of a truck used by its driver to commute to their job every day as a server or cook at one of the restaurants next to my wife's tea shop. 😡

Discord is getting in on the "AI" trend with testing of new features utilizing user data scraping, potentially for training a large language model. To opt out of this, go to the Privacy & Safety section of your Settings. From there, toggle off both "Use data to improve Discord" and "Use data to customize my Discord experience."

“we provide Python & PHP scripts that cause segmentation faults…then show how this vulnerability can be used to construct 2nd preimages & preimages, and we provide a specially constructed file that, when hashed, allows the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the victim's device. The vulnerability. applies to all hash value sizes, and all 64-bit Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems, and may also impact algorithms that require SHA-3 or its variants, such as…EdDSA.”

oops opened twitter and BOY was that a MISTAKE

"assholes were literally the primary target market when automakers wanted to make SUVs mainstream"

Resyntax: A Racket refactoring engine

Want to try it?

raco pkg install --installation resyntax

The --installation flag (shorthand for --scope installation) installs packages for all users of a Racket installation and ensures resyntax is in your $PATH.

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