This is not a joke: San Francisco Police want to arm robots for use against the public. You can help stop them.

i might have my criticisms of mastodon, but the founder of post is out here pretending “net worth” is a protected category to signal you can’t make fun of billionaires on his a16z-funded twitter alternative

“Oh my god” is my favorite expression because if you remove any of the three words, it has the exact same meaning, but in a very different tone

This is an old project, but by some miracle it's still working and I woke up this morning wanting to celebrate the things I love more.

This Inkplate e-ink screen shows Conway's Game of Life, seeded from tarpits I have on the Internet. The tarpits are programs on my computer that superficially look like insecure Telnet and Remote Desktop services, but actually exist to respond super slowly and make bots scanning the Internet 'get stuck'.

When a bot connects to the tarpit, the data it sends gets squished into a 5x5 grid and 'stamped' onto a Game of Life board. Data from a bot at the IP address 1.1.x.x will get stamped on the top left corner, data from a bot at 254.254.x.x will get stamped on the bottom right corner.

Conway's Game of Life, a set of simple rules that govern whether cells should turn on or off, updates the display once per second. The result is that bot attacks end up appearing as distinct 'creatures', that get bigger and more angry looking over time (as their centre is updated with new data). After the attack finishes, the 'creature' eventually burns itself out.

Despite that description, it's a really chill piece of art that doesn't draw too much attention but I can happily watch for a long time.

Credit for the idea goes to @_mattata, I had been wanting to make a real-life version of XKCD #350 for years before seeing his Botnet Fishbowl project.

#projects #inkplate #esp32 #eink #infosec #tarpit

New study of 508 one-way London streets with a bike lane:

"Crash rates are identical whether the cyclist is traveling with flow or contraflow."

#cycling #bike #bicycle #urbanism #urbanplanning

Racket Mode is now available from NonGNU ELPA (which Emacs 28.1+ comes configured to use automatically) as well as still being available from the still-amazing MELPA archive.

Please retoot 🤣!

📢 My group is actively recruiting new PhD students interested in building interactive tools to study and improve urban accessibility. We're particularly interested in candidates who have background in data science, GIS, and/or computer vision. See: for more!

Together, let's transform the future of urban access! 🏙👩‍🦯👩‍🦽👩‍🦼🛴🚴‍♂️

@tao every person who historically confused correlation with causation has since ended up dead. I think we all know what that means.

@j2kun Cliff Stoll's handmade Klein bottles! The whole site and the notes he sends with the bottles are the funniest and loveliest things.

Closures in Rust are uh much more complicated than in a functional langauge lol


Hey, US folks newly running Mastodon instances: do Future You a *huge* favor, mitigate your potential liability, and register with the copyright office and designate an agent to receive DMCA reports *right now*.


Ok so, I’m running an Icelandic Mastodon instance, and it’s grown to 400 users, including big TV personalities and politicians (MPs!!). It’s also 100% Icelandic that this is all happening on some students Raspberry Pi in his living room in Sweden 😅

If you're looking for Kathi Fisler, please go over and say hi to « @kfisler »!

This is such a succinct piece that explains exactly why some people really like mastodon and some really don't.

Remember when these fell out of every magazine, postbox, mail drop and catalogue?

The usual syntax for regular expressions is not a regular language because it requires parentheses. The usual syntax for context free grammars/expressions is not context-free because it uses recursion using variable names.

Is there any fundamental reason for this, i.e., some kind of diagonalization/fixed point argument or is it just a coincidence? I think the Goedelian argument doesn't apply because they are weaker than Peano arithmetic?

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