1/ When I came to the US as a student, my single biggest cultural shock was with university party culture. (Many things were new, but few were *shocks*.) It baffled me that this could be the purpose for which people went to college. #BookReview

This hard-hitting book is based on a remarkable study: a professor & grad student (& RAs) embed themselves into a dorm floor for a whole year, and then continue with a longitudinal study. The amount of work that went into this book is mind-boggling. ↵

@shriramk Looking forward to reading this. Its methodology reminds me strongly of "My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Being a Student", written circa 2000 by Ethnologist Cathy Small. Short book, and (it sounds like to me) less ]judgmental or conclusive than this one. Again, though, looking forward to reading this.

If you think the thumbnail on the latest @notjustbikes video is hyperbolic… it's not. Here's an undoctored photo of my 11½-year-old daughter in front of a truck used by its driver to commute to their job every day as a server or cook at one of the restaurants next to my wife's tea shop. 😡 youtube.com/watch?v=jN7mSXMruE

Discord is getting in on the "AI" trend with testing of new features utilizing user data scraping, potentially for training a large language model. To opt out of this, go to the Privacy & Safety section of your Settings. From there, toggle off both "Use data to improve Discord" and "Use data to customize my Discord experience."

@jpkeates Oh gosh darn it you blew it, now I need to rename my cat.

To be honest, I guess I should be making a habit of changing the cat's name yearly anyway.

“we provide Python & PHP scripts that cause segmentation faults…then show how this vulnerability can be used to construct 2nd preimages & preimages, and we provide a specially constructed file that, when hashed, allows the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the victim's device. The vulnerability. applies to all hash value sizes, and all 64-bit Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems, and may also impact algorithms that require SHA-3 or its variants, such as…EdDSA.”

oops opened twitter and BOY was that a MISTAKE

"assholes were literally the primary target market when automakers wanted to make SUVs mainstream"

Resyntax: A Racket refactoring engine

Want to try it?

raco pkg install --installation resyntax

The --installation flag (shorthand for --scope installation) installs packages for all users of a Racket installation and ensures resyntax is in your $PATH.


a thing i am pleased about, progress on the guile-to-wasm compiler: gitlab.com/spritely/guile-hoot. basically we have a proof that the target code can work (even with delimited continuations), a scheme compiler, and a wasm assembler and disassembler; now to bridge the compiler to the wasm backend.

@JonBell @ayaankazerouni Thanks for your response! I can see that there are probably lots of good reasons for choosing Python for this project; it's also one that I think Racket would be a good choice for, and as a fairly enthusiastic zealot for the Racket language, I'm not shy about highlighting opportunities for Racket development.

You also ask why I think it would make more sense to write part or all of this question in Racket, and I'll briefly mention two things: first, parsing Racket using Racket is incredibly robust; it's very unlikely that the Racket parser will lose the ability to parse Racket code, even if the language changes. Indeed, the Racket parser parses not just Racket, but all of the related languages; they all expand into the same core syntax language (Typed Racket, Rhombus, et cetera.) Perhaps you're already using the Racket parser, and I just missed it?

My second reason is much more basic; I think that Racket is a more robust and reliable language than Python, and that code written in Racket is more likely to be correct and to continue to work correctly.

Again, though: it's not my intent to ruffle any feathers or hurt any feelings, and you're certainly free to ignore my comments!

@arjun Okay wait I'm sorry but I just have to ask... @ayaankazerouni tells me that you're part of a team that has implemented mutation testing for Racket... in Python? Say it ain't so! Or, perhaps more rationally: perhaps I'm mistaken, or perhaps there's a good idea why writing this in python makes more sense?

Beautiful 10-day sequence of Venus and Jupiter drawing together in the western sky. The variety of twilight colors is a sweet bonus.
Photos: Soumyadeep Mukherjee
earthsky.org/earthsky-communit #astronomy #conjunction

Would you like a 20-minute documentary about the earliest history of spreadsheets?

“The Story of VisiCalc” youtube.com/watch?v=nDPD7U_M8y

Just finished Merlin Sheldrake's "Entangled Life." Now I'm super excited about fungi! Also, that name is pretty much too good to be true.

@regehr @stevecheckoway Like, it's 1945. You are a computer technician. Your workplace is incredibly hot, filled with poison, and sounds like you are surrounded by people making incomprehensible noises.

Want to understand the landscape of gradual typing? Greenman, Dimoulas, and Felleisen have written a 50-page TOPLAS opus on typed-untyped interactions. See blog post, then follow link to paper to read directly from the masters.

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