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It's time again for the Advent of Code. The puzzles will start at midnight (UTC-5) on December 1, 2022. Once again, we will have the Racket leaderboard.

Check out the Discourse announcement for more details.


Yes! Cal Poly is hiring Tenure-Track this year. Assistant Prof., Computer Science & Software Engineering, here's the ad:

PL is one of the listed areas of interest (but there are a lot more than that)!

Here's a picture I took yesterday, about half a mile from my front door:

Just saw a guy doing food delivery in a camaro. That just can't make economic sense. I would think an ebike would pay for itself in saved gasoline in about ... (does math) ... hmm, about 60 days of work. Yeah, okay, I guess it'll be a minute before we make that switch. @notjustbikes

In re:

Dear Puzzle Editor,

Like many others, I'm strongly opposed to non-random wordles. In fairness, I should acknowledge that others may be happy with it; it depends on what you like about the puzzle. For me, I enjoy memorizing strategic choices for particular responses, and the fact that I can (and have) written programs that can analyze and train me. This change will make my training worthless.

Here's an analogy; let's consider the New York Marathon. It's kind of boring, because fast runners always win. What if we were to spice it up by adding randomly placed ladders in various parts of the course, or the occasional river crossing? Some people might like this much better (spectators?). Others would be sad, because a lot of training can be undone by the whim of the editor.

Well, que será será, I suppose.

remind me again how I donate to support ?

Yay quality control! This unpreposessing explorer is tracking at about minus 1 second per 24 days, very impressive. Take *that*, Nevil Maskelyne!

Whoa, I had completely forgotten the dopamine rush of adding follows on a fresh social network. It's been like twenty years. We should do this more often!

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