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a thing i am pleased about, progress on the guile-to-wasm compiler: basically we have a proof that the target code can work (even with delimited continuations), a scheme compiler, and a wasm assembler and disassembler; now to bridge the compiler to the wasm backend.

@arjun Okay wait I'm sorry but I just have to ask... @ayaankazerouni tells me that you're part of a team that has implemented mutation testing for Racket... in Python? Say it ain't so! Or, perhaps more rationally: perhaps I'm mistaken, or perhaps there's a good idea why writing this in python makes more sense?

Beautiful 10-day sequence of Venus and Jupiter drawing together in the western sky. The variety of twilight colors is a sweet bonus.
Photos: Soumyadeep Mukherjee #astronomy #conjunction

Would you like a 20-minute documentary about the earliest history of spreadsheets?

“The Story of VisiCalc”

Just finished Merlin Sheldrake's "Entangled Life." Now I'm super excited about fungi! Also, that name is pretty much too good to be true.

@regehr @stevecheckoway Like, it's 1945. You are a computer technician. Your workplace is incredibly hot, filled with poison, and sounds like you are surrounded by people making incomprehensible noises.

Want to understand the landscape of gradual typing? Greenman, Dimoulas, and Felleisen have written a 50-page TOPLAS opus on typed-untyped interactions. See blog post, then follow link to paper to read directly from the masters.

@ltratt @jryans historically compilers arose as merely a pre-processing / partial evaluation step for interpreters: if the code is fixed for the duration of your execution you can partially evaluate all the interpreter opcode-dispatch choices (in between choices that depend on residual runtime data that's not yet fixed).

POPL paper: Ta-daaaaa! Look at this huge problem we solved! (200 citations)

Workshop paper, same people, four years later: uhhhh so actually it turns out that that doesn't work, here's what to do instead (7 citations)

Works entering the public domain include:

Written work by: Agatha Christie, Baroness Orczy, Hermann Hesse, Marcel Proust, Upton Sinclair, and Virginia Woolf

Art by: Ansel Adams, Edward Hopper, Georgia O'Keeffe, René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, and Tamara de Lempicka

Films including The Jazz Singer, Metropolis, Napoléon, and Trolley Troubles

Music by Béla Bartók, Ira and George Gershwin, Igor Stravinsky, Irving Berlin, Louis Armstrong, Ruth Etting, and Sophie Tucker

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Read this and understand why Twitter and Facebook are failing. They’re run by people who fundamentally hate what those sites are, hate the people who use them, and so they keep trying to make them be something else.

@arjun Also a reminder that TurboTax is one of the main reasons we don't have a much simpler tax filing system, where the IRS simply tell us what we/they owe based on the info they already have — as some other countries do.

Fun fact: one of the main advocate for it in the US, who even spent his own money trying to get that legislation passed, is Joseph Bankman, father of SBF.

Here's his interview where he explicitly calls out Intuit:

Opinion: Jon Wurster is a national treasure. Related: this new Mountain goats album is -- again, in my opinion -- utterly fantastic.

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