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Hi, I'm Jesse. I like programming, math & theorem proving, the web, philosophy and history, and, strangely, email. (NB "like" doesn't necessarily imply "good at".) Work mainly in Racket & JavaScript. American.

The fish shell! I'm hearing good things. Just installed it and will be kicking the tires. Are you using fish?

Got the Magic Racket extension to work for VS Code. Needed to do `pkg install racket-langserver beforehand`. Dropping those unused `require`s, woo! Getting used to the keybindings. Wondering whether Code can do what I've done for years with paredit in .

`npm outdated`, to find out which packages are out-of-date in a Node.js project. I knew about `npm update`, but didn't want to update *everything*. Initially, I just wanted to know *what* is outdated.

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New release of — version 8.9 — is now available! Release

I'm working on adding decimal numbers for and am trying to compare them to rational numbers. Rationals are a strictly more expressive data type; decimals are intended to be exact, but cannot capture things like the number 1/3. Are there any good ways of avoiding difficulties like huge numerators & denominators in complicated calculations? What about lazy GCD calculation?

If you're doing backend development and are pulling data from a relational DB, how are you dealing with SQL's decimal numbers?

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RFC1925, still a banger.

"It is always possible to aglutenate multiple separate problems into a single complex interdependent solution. In most cases this is a bad idea."

"Every old idea will be proposed again with a different name and a different presentation, regardless of whether it works."

Hey developers! What's your preferred way of connecting your JS-powered backend to a relational DB?

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Senior Engineer Explains `git rebase` to the Interns

Hieronymus Bosch, 1483

#computers #history

Just released my first NPM package, decimal128.js, a JavaScript userland simulation of IEEE 754 Decimal128 floating-point decimal numbers:

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Want to understand the landscape of gradual typing? Greenman, Dimoulas, and Felleisen have written a 50-page TOPLAS opus on typed-untyped interactions. See blog post, then follow link to paper to read directly from the masters.

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I've been reading "C++ has become a legacy language" a lot recently; I'm curious what you think.

Has or will C++ become a legacy language in the near future? For this poll, "legacy language" means a language that is mostly driven by inertia and enthusiasts and does not or should not be used for new projects.

Please boost for reach.

#cpp #cplusplus #rust #safety

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I will be taking on a postdoc from next October (there is some flexibility about the exact starting date) to join my automatic theorem proving group. See this advertisement for more details, and for links to further information about the project.

@hazel any chance of bumping the Mastodon running on this instance to version 4?

@paperswelove are there any plans for a PWLconf 2023? Strange Loop doesn't seem to be holding an official pre-conference program this year.

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The worst thing about having your password stolen is having to rename the dog.

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